Collection Kits


Kits Manager options


The Kits module allows users to track the shipment and receipt of kits to kit study collection centers. The Kits module is a multi-tabbed manager with a variety of options for tracking kit data. Users are able to track the available kits, available kit supplies to be placed in kits, and the specimens collected using a kit. Through the Kits module, users are also able to create templates for outlining the suggested contents of a kit, record information about kit study collection centers, create kit inventory item data, and monitor the status of kits. Users can receive kits via the Incoming Shipments editor. Users must have permission to access this module.

The Kit Inventory manager tab lists the kits that have been created by the repository and their current status. The Kit Supplies Manager tab is the foundation of the Kits module. It allows users to create and track the current inventory of items that can be added to a kit. In this manager, user should be able to see a list of supplies currently in the inventory for their repository. From this manager, the user can open the Kit Supplies Editor.

The Kit Inventory editor allows users to record information about the individual components of a kit. Information such as the label on the kit component, the Sample ID associated with the kit component, and the expiration date of the kit component can all be entered from this editor.

The following Kit statuses and properties are available:

Kit Statuses

  • Available - This kit is available in the inventory and can be shipped to a Kit Center.
  • Shipped - This kit is not available in the inventory and has already been shipped to a Kit Center.
  • Received - This kit has been received in shipments after returning from a Kit Center.
  • Expired - A component in this kit is past its expiration date. Kits with a status of expired should not be shipped out to a Kit Center and the expired kit component(s) should be replaced.
  • Delete - This kit has been deleted and cannot be sent to a Kit Center.

Kit Properties

  • Label - Required.
  • Location ID
  • Study ID - Required.
  • Status
  • Tracking Number
  • Courier
  • Repos ID
  • Expiration Date
  • Assign To
  • Kit Template ID - This will automatically populate the Kit rows with the template rows.
  • Pre Built Kit - If marked and a template is selected, the kit will automatically be given a status of Filled.
  • Use Kit ID as Label - If marked, the Label field will automatically be populated with the Kit ID once the kit has been saved.