Setting Up Kits

The Kits module allows users to track the shipment and receipt of kits to kit study collection centers. The Kits module is a multi-tabbed manager with a variety of options for tracking kit data. Users are able to track the available kits, available kit supplies to be placed in kits, and the specimens collected using a kit. Through the Kits module, users are also able to create templates for outlining the suggested contents of a kit, record information about kit study collection centers, create kit inventory item data, and monitor the status of kits. Users can receive kits via the Incoming Shipments editor. Users must have permission to access this module.

The Kits manager has 4 sub-managers – Inventory, Templates, Centers and Supplies. Kits can be created and are listed on the Inventory tab. Kit templates are managed on the Templates tab, Kit Centers on the Centers tab and Kit Supplies on the Supplies tab.

The Kits editor can be opened from Inventory manager. It allows users to design and create their kits. Kit Properties associated with each kit allow users to specify details like Study, Expiration Date, location, etc.

Kit Templates

The Kit Templates manager tab allows users to manage kit templates. Kit templates allow users to create a list of suggest contents for a kit. From this manager, the user can open the Kit Templates Editor.

Typical Workflow for creating a new Kit template:

Create a new kit template → Enter properties → Add supplies and specify a count of each one to be included in the Kit template → Save

Kit Centers

The Kit Centers manager tab allows users to record information about the Study Collection Centers and track the number of kits currently at the Study Collection Center. The number of kits at collection center will be listed on the manager. From the manager, the user can open the Kit Centers Editor.

Typical workflow for creating a new center:

Create a new kit center → Enter center information → Save