UAT Testing


BSI UAT Period

The current testing period, during which new features and bug fixes are available for testing in the UAT Beta environment, is from:

September 22, 2020 to October 9, 2020

Below is a list of each item available for testing currently. For complete notes on features released only to your database, contact BSI Technical Support.

Items Available for Testing:

Outbound connection errors (81157)
When logging in after a session timeout, errors are no longer generated.
Add user preference to auto-check the "add kit component" checkbox in shipments (81289)
A user preference is available to automatically check the box to add kit components when receiving a kit via a shipment.
Exception trying to transfer specimens to Data Entry with template auto assigning locations skipped (81261)
An error no longer appears when using a template set to automatically assign locations while transferring from Shipments to Data Entry.
Allow Destroy task to be completed for MSCs (81362)
Destroy tasks can be completed for MSC specimens. 
Delete multiple containers (81290)
Multiple containers can be deleted from either the Locations manager or the Edit Subcontainers dialog. 
Web services to accept combination of unique fields (81094)
Web services calls that allow vials to be added (to a batch, requisition, etc.) now allow any field(s) marked as unique in the database to be considered valid input, rather than just the BSI ID. 
Add select all and copy paste multiple to tables (81329)
In editable tables, users can select the top left corner to select all cells. Users can also copy a single value and paste it into multiple cells. 
Update Quick Search (80604)
For some databases an "Exclude searching on Subject Fields. More Info" checkbox exists on the Quick Search dialog. This checkbox is selected by default to improve speed performance. For more information, select the More Info link in the checkbox.
Study Authorizations table (81251)
The Study Authorizations table allows users to return a list of all users authorized for a study(or studies), regardless of which permissions they have.