UAT Testing


BSI UAT Period for BSI 22.6.1 & Hub 1.16

The current testing period, during which new features and bug fixes are available for testing in the UAT Beta environment, is from:

May 24, 2022 to June 17, 2022

These versions are scheduled for release to production on June 25, 2022. Below is a list of each item available for testing currently. For complete notes on features released only to your database, contact BSI Technical Support.

Items Available for Testing:

API call to upload Attachments in specified field (82601)
New API calls have been added to allow for attachments to be uploaded.
Add Zebra ZT610 Printer to BSI (82611)
BSI supports the Zebra ZT610 label printer for POF label printing.
Add Subcontainers (82485)
An "Add Subcontainers" right mouse button menu option has been added in the Locations manager. This menu option allows multiple subcontainers to be added to the selected container at once.
Limit Results Returned dialog cannot be resized (82549)
The Limit Results dialog no longer appears too small to read and supports resizing.
Exception searching date = in Custom Verifier History Report (82513)
The Custom Verifier History standard report no longer generates an exception when searching on the Date Modified value.