UAT Testing


BSI UAT Period

The current testing period, during which new features and bug fixes are available for testing in the UAT Beta environment, is from:

May 21, 2020 to June 12, 2020

Below is a list of each item available for testing currently. For complete notes on features released only to your database, contact BSI Technical Support.

Items Available for Testing:

Material Type and Study ID are not editable for a TMA created from MSC specimens (80973)
The Material Type and Study ID are now editable for microarrays created from a multispecimen container.
BSI Reservations for deleted shipments should be removed (81009)
BSI ID reservations are removed when a shipment is deleted.
Unhelpful error message when not using special character in password update (81008)
Error messaging on BSI Engage shows the exact complexity requirement not met when updating passwords.
L2 errors fail when corresponding shipment batch is open (80430)
When checking L2 errors for a Data Entry batch, a notification will open letting the user know if the corresponding Shipment batch is still open.
Monitor Module Enhancements (80876)
Monitors can now be set to run hourly, in addition to other frequencies, and to only send an email if results are returned for the report.
Add Find Freezer (81022)
The Locations manager includes a Find Freezer option, allowing users to find the next or previous freezer which contains their search term in the ID or Label.
Allow all dialogs to be expanded (80878)
Dialogs, editors, notices, and prompts are expandable, and by default open large enough to display all content. If a user resizes a window, BSI will remember the size the next time it is opened by the user on that computer.
RMB menu does not offer same options if clicking within the cell vs column header (80642)
Column header and cell right mouse button menus now show the same options.