UAT Testing


BSI UAT Period

The current testing period, during which new features and bug fixes are available for testing in the UAT Beta environment, is from:

December 15, 2020 to January 15, 2020

Below is a list of each item available for testing currently. For complete notes on features released only to your database, contact BSI Technical Support.

Items Available for Testing:

Engage Customization Panel (78268)
A Customization Panel is available for BSI Engage. Database Managers with role permission to access it may configure general settings, customize field display, create default searches, and other settings via this panel.
Shipment vial view does not refresh after updating custom fields (81566)
The exception saving a shipment has been resolved.
Folder names should not be permitted to use '/' (81577)
New reports, templates, and labels folders may not include '/' in the name.
Can't set customization fields via web services (81605)
Users may now set new Customization fields' values in batches via web services.
Sample reservation ranges report returns incorrect results (81524)
The Sample Reservation Ranges report no longer returns incorrect data.
Date Shipped discrepancy between Dashboard report widget & actual report data (80715)
Date Shipped values now reflect the user's timezone in Dashboard widgets.
Result Batch ID field editable in procedure task properties after task has Begun (76643)
Procedure task properties are editable after beginning the task.