UAT Testing


BSI UAT Period for BSI 23.3.1 and Engage 4.18

The current testing period, during which new features and bug fixes are available for testing in the UAT Beta environment, is from:

February 28, 2023 to March 17, 2023

This version is scheduled for release to production on March 25, 2023. Below is a list of each item available for testing currently. For complete notes on features released only to your database, contact BSI Technical Support.

Items Available for Testing:

Show warning message in the client when BSI version is updated (83144)
After this version release, if BSI is left open during a subsequent version release, then a pop-up message will open when performing certain actions. It will inform the user that they need to close and reopen BSI to use the most recent version.
Exception for invalid characters (83115)
When importing problematic characters (example: 0x1f) into a shipment, those characters are removed from the data during transfer to Data Entry.