Release Notes

BSI Version Release Notes

This page includes a comprehensive list of every all-database enhancement to the BSI system since 2015. This also includes customer-reported bug fixes beginning in September 2022.

For complete notes on RFEs released only to your database, contact BSI Technical Support.

Release Notes by Year:

July 2024 - Requisitions bug fixes

BSI version 24.7.1:

  • Feature (83716): Core BSI field names can have their label overridden in the Customization module.
  • Bug Fix: Requisition tasks added via a template can now be automatically applied based on the task status of another task in the requisition.
  • Bug Fix: When creating a requisition directly from a Data Entry batch or via a right mouse button menu action, attachments are now added to the requisition appropriately.
  • Bug Fix: On databases that have the Freezer Row or Freezer Col, these fields can be used to sort requisitions.

BSI Engage version 4.26:

  • Bug Fix: Data in newly created fields is now displayed on BSI Engage appropriately.

June 2024 - New system configuration

BSI version 24.6.1:

  • Feature (83854): A system preference can be configured by System Administrators to reduce the number of allowed incorrect password attempts after which a user's account is inactivated. By default, accounts are inactivated immediately following the 10th incorrect password attempt.
  • Bug Fix: When applied to a subset of specimens in a requisition via a Requisition Task Template, the Pool task is begun on those specimens without error.

May 2024 - Bug fixes

BSI version 24.5.1:

  • Bug Fix: Updating a BSI ID value in a Data Entry batch no longer updates that value in the corresponding shipment batch.
  • Bug Fix: In a user defined listing report, you can sort on the Shelf location field without an error.
  • Bug Fix: Templates with special characters in their name, which were created before November 2023, can be opened and applied without an error.
  • Bug Fix: When a field is inactivated through the Customization manager, it is now removed from existing Data Entry templates.

April 2024 - Performance code refactors

BSI version 24.4.1:

  • Bug Fix: A bug preventing requisitions from being assigned to a User Team from the manager has been fixed.
  • Several code refactors have been made to promote performance.

March 2024 - New reportable fields

BSI version 24.3.1:

  • Feature (83745): The Container Type field is now available on the vial table and can be viewed in Data Entry batches, shipments, reports, and other places vial data is available.
  • Feature (83747): A Tools menu option called "Compare Data with Shipment" is available in Data Entry batches. This compares data entry vial data to the corresponding shipment vial data and provides details for mismatches.
  • Feature (83746): The person who completed a given requisition task for a vial is available on the Vial Task Properties dialog and via reports.

BSI Engage version 4.25:

  • Routine upgrades to system components.

February 2024 - Minor bug fixes

BSI version 24.2.1:

  • Feature (83717): The code list editor now includes the following information in the lower left corner: current user's username, database name, and instance (production, mirror, UAT).
  • Bug Fix: Standard subject reports have been updated to display correct data for orphaned Universal Subject IDs which are not linked to any existing Subject ID.
  • Bug Fix: Users can paste into the Sequence field while generating labels without an exception.
  • Bug Fix: Label files can be saved.

January 2024 - Bug fixes and system improvements

BSI version 24.1.1:

  • Bug Fix: Users can create new subjects which are linked to existing Universal Subjects via an API call.
  • Bug Fix: Users in time zones ahead of the BSI servers (EST) can enter legacy dates as field values in Data Entry (e.g. 1/1/1900).

Engage version 4.24:

  • Bug Fix: When completing requisition approvals on BSI Engage, clicking on the Approve button quickly, multiple times no longer generates a server error.

Launcher version 1.2:

  • Bug Fix: An error causing the BSI Dashboard to fail loading has been resolved.

December 2023 - New web services calls and changes to Engage repository access

BSI version 23.12.1:

  • Feature (83032): When completing an e-signature, the signing user's name and the date/time of signature is displayed.
  • Feature (82730): Web services calls are available for the following:
    • Adding, applying, and completing Box Return to Inventory, Box Transfer, Destroy, Empty, Modify, and Thaw tasks
    • Requisition task property and task completion error checking
    • Assign locations automatically in a requisition
    • Requesting requisition vials
    • Retrieving box layout data
    • Error checking during container creation/update
  • Bug fix: History records for the Accessible Repository field no longer list initial values entered as "updates"..
  • Bug fix: Specimens can now be dragged from the Locations manager into an open requisition window by users without the Drag and Drop Vials permission.

BSI Engage version 4.23:

  • Feature (82725): Users who have access to multiple repositories will be prompted to select which one they are logging into after successfully authenticating on BSI Engage.
  • Bug fix: Exporting search results for a large number of specimens no longer generates an error.

November 2023 - New BSI Launcher version

BSI version 23.11.1:

  • Feature (83629): A new standard history report has been added for reporting on the history of template creation, modification, and deletion.
  • Feature (83498): When adding a Pool task to a Requisition Task Template, users can now enter default values for the Specify Pooled Specimens options.

BSI Launcher version 1.1:

  • Feature (83444): The BSI Launcher now includes a "Database" field. Users will be required to type or select their database name before choosing an instance to launch.

October 2023 - API updates and other bug fixes

BSI version 23.10.1:

  • Bug fix: Changes have been made to prevent web services accounts from setting values for fields which are uneditable in the BSI client. These changes also affect the way in which field values are set on BSI Engage.
  • Bug fix: When using the API call to add vials to a batch, an error was previously encountered if the criteria being used to add vials contained an integer. This call has been updated to accept integer values.
  • Bug fix: Previously, when a vial was deleted its associated Shipment Vial record was updated to have a Status of "In Process".  Changes have been made so that this only happens if the Shipment Vial record is not associated with any other vials. If there are still vials with the Shipment Vial ID that were not deleted, then the Status is not updated.
  • Bug fix:Time-only fields have been refactored to flag invalid values as an error in Data Entry.  
  • Bug fix: When editing a requisition, the column header menu is available for all fields, even when no rows are highlighted.

BSI Engage version 4.22:

  • Several code refactors have been made to upgrade components of the BSI Engage platform.

September 2023 - Performance refactors

BSI version 23.9.1:

  • Several code refactors have been made in BSI to improve speed and performance of the system.

August 2023 - Bug fixes

BSI version 23.8.1:

  • Bug fix: In addition to Local Administrators, the Inactive User Monitor notification is now sent to Database Managers.
  • Bug fix: Requisition Task Templates which were created from a requisition editor can be updated and saved.
  • Bug fix: After creating/receiving a shipment with location data in the manifest, scanning to receive those specimens and assign new location data no longer generates an exception.

July 2023 - New Web Services call available

BSI version 23.7.1:

  • Feature (83376): Web service calls are available to execute user defined reports saved in the client application.
  • Bug fix: New custom verifiers are displayed immediately after creation in error tables.
  • Bug fix: In the Kit Replication wizard, tables have been updated to include the right mouse button menu option to Mass Change values.
  • Bug fix: After a session times out, refreshing the Dashboard no longer produces an exception.
  • Bug fix: After a specimen has been moved to a new box location, the Specimen History Viewer will display "History Unavailable" for the Container Label field when there's no container label history available.
  • Bug fix: When submitting a requisition, including specimens with no value for the TESTS field no longer generates an exception.

June 2023 - Bug fixes and search interface updates

BSI version 23.6.1:

  • Bug fix: When creating shipments from timezones other than EST/EDT, the Date Created value is no longer overwritten by the current date in the submitting user's timezone.
  • Bug fix: When double keying a Data Entry batch, users are able to print from the Data Mismatch dialog.
  • Bug fix: A session timeout while printing labels no longer freezes BSI.

Engage version 4.20:

  • Code Refactor: Updates to the search interface.

May 2023 - Bug fixes for User Administration and other modules

BSI version 23.5.1:

  • Bug fix: Accessible Repositories assigned to a user account can be viewed on the User Administration manager.
  • Bug fix: When viewing Quick Search results, multi-choice fields can be displayed in the Formatted view from the right mouse button menu.
  • Bug fix: Database name capitalization no longer affects logging in via web services.
  • Bug fix: The View and Edit buttons on the Shipments manager are no longer inactive when the Assign To field is marked as inactive.

April 2023 - Bug fixes and speed improvements

BSI version 23.4.1:

  • Feature (83199): Search dialogs opened from managers and editors, such as the Add Vials dialog in a requisition, now include a Filter text box. This text box allows users to filter when selecting fields to search on.
  • Bug fix: If the servers refresh while a user is attempting to assign BSI IDs, the lock on those BSI IDs is dropped after assignment finishes. Users no longer receive an error when attempting to assign BSI IDs in another batch.
  • Bug fix: Requisitions with a blank value for the Approval Status field were previously causing an exception when a user tried to complete a Transfer Out task. These requisitions have been updated to have a value of "N/A" and no exceptions are generated now.
  • Bug fix: When saving a Dashboard template, empty space is no longer added above the first widgets.
  • Performance improvements in Data Entry

Engage version 4.19:

  • Various bug fixes

March 2023 - Improved error messaging after version upgrade

BSI version 23.3.1:

  • Feature (67876): After this version release, if BSI is left open during a subsequent version release, then a pop-up message will open when performing certain actions. It will inform the user that they need to close and reopen BSI to use the most recent version.
  • Bug fix: When importing problematic characters (example: 0x1f) into a shipment, those characters are removed from the data during transfer to Data Entry.

Engage version 4.18:

  • Various bug fixes.

February 2023

BSI version 23.2.1:

  • Bug fix: After committing specimens from an unacceptable shipment via a Data Entry batch, the Reason Unacceptable value is no longer removed from the Shipment Received dialog.
  • Bug fix: Monitor reports with commas and spaces in cell values are now aligned properly when the report output is generated.

Engage version 4.17:

  • Various bug fixes.

January 2023

BSI version 23.1.1:

  • Bug fix: Editing batch properties for a Data Entry batch that is assigned to a user no longer causes an exception.  
  • Bug fix: When the study collection center format is updated by a user without permissions for studies associated with that collection center, other users are able to view those studies if they have appropriate permissions.
  • Bug fix: When selecting a box in the Specify Pull task dialog, the Container Label for the new box is displayed.

December 2022

BSI version 22.12.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

Engage version 4.16:

  • Feature (82515): Users can now display up to 5,000 returns per page when searching. 

November 2022

BSI version 22.11.1:

  • Feature (67861): When editing a custom code list, users are now prevented from changing the "value" and "label" for code list rows which have already been selected for use in other parts of the system. Users may still change the "value" and "label" for code list rows which have not been used yet. 
  • Feature (67854): Generated and administrator-set temporary password will now expire after 96 hours. A system preference has also been added which allows a database to opt for a shorter expiration timeframe for these temporary passwords.
  • Bug fix: Speed improvements have been made to saving shipments which include kit components.

Engage version 4.15:

  • Feature (67854): Generated and administrator-set temporary password will now expire after 96 hours. A system preference has also been added which allows a database to opt for a shorter expiration timeframe for these temporary passwords.

October 2022

BSI version 22.10.1:

  • Bug fix: An exception has been resolved which prevented the use of Limit Values right mouse button menu functionality when creating data entry templates. 
  • Bug fix: Reports containing multiple OR statements can be imported back into BSI and will now appear with all OR statements intact.
  • Bug fix: Local Administrators with appropriate role permissions can now save labels, reports, and templates into folders created by IMS administrative staff.
  • Bug fix: A bug has been resolved which prevented the Limit Selection functionality in the data entry template editor from working with the Study ID field.
  • Bug fix: When searching on a multichoice field, users can now limit results using either the value or label from the corresponding code list item.

September 2022

BSI version 22.9.1:

  • Bug fix: The link in requisition submit notification emails has been corrected.
  • Bug fix: If a requisition fails to be created, the system no longer holds a lock that prevents requisitions from being successfully created. To recreate this, you can create a Requisition Task Template with a Modify task that specifies a value for 'Date Requested', then submit a requisition using that template.

Engage version 4.14:

  • Feature (67812): When searching on BSI Engage, users can now filter in the Criteria drop down menu to find a field name.

August 2022

BSI version 22.8.1:

  • Feature: If a user attempts to assign a reserved Sample ID to vials not matching the reservation criteria, then a warning is produced. This issue created a system preference which allows the warning to be changed to an error on the database.

Engage version 4.13:

  • Various bug fixes.

July 2022

BSI version 22.7.1:

  • Feature (67827): A database configuration has been made which allows NIH accounts to be configured to login using their NIH login credentials. Before this login is possible, an NIH account must be configured with the correct SSO ID and the NIH IdP via the user profile.
  • Feature (67729): When scanning to add vials to a requisition, users can select any vial, requisition, or subject level field to scan on. If a scanned value returns multiple specimens, the option to add all or none of the specimens is presented.

Engage version 4.12:

  • Feature (67827): A database configuration has been made which allows NIH accounts to be configured to login using their NIH login credentials. Before this login is possible, an NIH account must be configured with the correct SSO ID and the NIH IdP via the user profile.

June 2022

BSI version 22.6.1:

  • Feature (67599): In Locations, a new right mouse button option exists in the location tree to create subcontainers inside the selected container. In the dialog that opens, users can manually enter data for new subcontainers or import them from a file.
  • Feature (67829): The Zebra ZT610 printer is available for POF label printing.
  • Feature (67785): A new shipment web services call has been added which allows attachments to be uploaded to a specified attachment field, rather than the default Attachment field.

May 2022

BSI version 22.5.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

Engage version 4.11:

  • Various bug fixes.

April 2022

BSI version 22.4.1:

  • Feature (82509): In Locations, users can select specimens on the Box Layout tab and drag/drop them to a different container in the hierarchy. This will move the specimen(s) to the first available slot in the new container.
  • Feature (82357): A new User Administration submanager allows administrators to create User Teams. Accounts can be assigned to multiple User Teams, and those User Teams can subsequently be assigned work to complete. On the Dashboard Assigned To widgets, items assigned to a User Team that the logged in user is a part of will also be displayed.

March 2022

BSI version 22.3.1:

  • Feature (67771): BSI IDs that are manually assigned to rows in a kit can be reserved for that kit via a menu option.

Engage version 4.10:

  • Various bug fixes.

February 2022

BSI version 22.2.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

Engage version 4.9:

  • Various bug fixes.

January 2022

BSI version 22.1.1:

  • Feature (67430): The Pool task can be managed via REST and XML-RPC web services calls.
  • Feature (66435): A Hide Empty Columns option has been added to the right mouse button menu for manager and editor tables. This option will hide all columns for which no displayed row has a value.
  • Feature (67407): Task names are now bolded with an arrow next to them on column headers to indicate a menu. Additionally, users can now left click a column header to open the task menu.

December 2021

BSI version 21.12.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

Engage version 4.8:

  • Feature (67278): When setting displayed fields for tables on BSI Engage, users now have the options to show all columns, hide all columns, and hide columns which are blank for displayed results.
  • Feature (67283): In the same BSI Engage session, search pages will remember the last search criteria set when users navigate between pages.

November 2021

BSI version 21.11.1:

  • Feature (82282): When copying and pasting Sample IDs, a dialog opens to notify the user if any sample data is being updated as a result of the new Sample ID being pasted.

Engage version 4.7:

  • Various bug fixes.

October 2021

BSI version 21.10.1:

  • Feature (67662): A Dashboard template can be created and applied to user accounts. This template defines the default widgets and configuration of the Dashboard.
  • Feature (67749): When scanning to complete a task, users can now display the specimens' task order in the scanning dialog.

Engage version 4.6:

  • Various bug fixes.

September 2021

BSI version 21.9.1:

  • Feature (67710): Kit templates no longer being used can be marked as Inactive.

Engage version 4.5:

  • Various bug fixes.

August 2021

BSI version 21.8.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

Engage version 4.4:

  • Various bug fixes.

Launcher version 1.1:

  • Feature (81069): Updates to maintain 508 usability compliance.
  • Feature (81070): Default the launcher settings window to open on the same monitor on which the launcher is displayed. Allow a user to move the launcher settings window.
  • Feature (82005): Separates the locations of the Launcher installation and the Launcher logs directory.

Launcher version 1.1 FAQ:

Q1: Does the Launcher 1.1 release require a deployment of new code?

Yes. After the release, the Launcher 1.1 version will be available for use in all environments.

Q2: Does the Launcher 1.1 release include any BSI code changes or make any changes to how BSI works?


Q3: Does the Launcher 1.1 release require any BSI downtime? Is it disruptive?


Q4: Does the Launcher 1.1 release require me to reinstall the launcher on my workstation?


Q5: Does the Launcher 1.1 release change the look and feel of the launcher and how it is used?


Q6: What can I expect from the Launcher 1.1 release?

Updates to boost performance and improve resiliency when launching the BSI Client.

Q7: Is this different than the Launcher JRE maintenance that I was contacted about on July 8. 2021?

Yes. The prior email about JRE updates is routine maintenance. This is a communication about the BSI Launcher version update from 1.0 to 1.1.

Q8: Will the Launcher 1.1 validation package be available to me?

Yes, we will post the validation package in our BSI validation portal where it will be available to download.

Q9: Will there be Launcher version updates in the future?

Yes, we anticipate periodic, announced Launcher version updates in the future. A Launcher 1.2 update is planned for the fall 2021.

July 2021

BSI version 21.7.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

Engage version 4.3:

  • Various bug fixes.

June 2021

BSI version 21.6.1:

  • Feature (67679): The Withdraw task can be applied and completed via web services.

May 2021

BSI version 21.5.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

Engage version 4.2:

  • Various bug fixes.

April 2021

BSI version 21.4.1:

  • Feature (67475): The Procedure task has been streamlined to prompt users to complete the next step.

March 2021

BSI version 21.3.1:

  • Feature (67635): The previous 24 passwords may not be reused. A system preference allows a database to require user passwords to have a minimum number of characters between 8 and 39.
  • Feature (67632): While completing a Box Return to Inventory task users can mass change to assign boxes to a parent container. 
  • Feature (67459): Dialogs which notify the user that they must save before completing an action have been updated to include an option to save and continue.
  • Feature (66636): Email notifications are sent to approvers any time a specimen requiring approval is included in a requisition, rather than only when the requisition is first submitted. 
  • Feature (66390): A warning is present in the import wizard when columns in the import file are not mapped to BSI fields. 
  • Feature (67332): Aliquot and Process task dialogs now include an Assign BSI IDs button to assign BSI IDs to child specimens as they are being created.

Engage version 4.1:

  • Feature (67279): Saved searches on BSI Engage can now be edited, renamed, and deleted.

February 2021

BSI version 21.2.1:

  • Feature (67403): A new webservices call is available to add and complete Aliquot and Process tasks.
  • Feature (67483): A new web services call is available to complete an Aliquot task to create new children in a single call.

January 2021

BSI version 21.1.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

Engage version 4.0:

  • Feature (78268): A Customization Panel is available for BSI Engage. Database Managers with role permission to access it may configure general settings, customize field display, create default searches, and other settings via this panel.

December 2020

BSI version 20.12.1:

  • Feature (81480): A new API call is available to assign BSI IDs to specimens in a batch.

November 2020

BSI version 20.11.1:

  • Feature (81202): A system preference is available to automatically check level 2 errors before the Committing Data dialog opens. When enabled, if errors are encountered during this check, the batch will remain open and errors will be displayed.
  • Feature (81208): Users can now import and manually enter location data while completing the Package task.
  • Feature (81399): Users can save column order and size in the Multiple Kit editor.

October 2020

BSI version 20.10.1:

  • Feature (81251): The Study Authorizations table allows users to return a list of all users authorized for a study(or studies), regardless of which permissions they have.
  • Feature (81362): Destroy tasks can be completed for MSC specimens.
  • Feature (81290): Multiple containers can be deleted from either the Locations manager or the Edit Subcontainers dialog. 
  • Feature (81094): Web services calls that allow vials to be added (to a batch, requisition, etc.) now allow any field(s) marked as unique in the database to be considered valid input, rather than just the BSI ID. 
  • Feature (81329): In editable tables, users can select the top left corner to select all cells. Users can also copy a single value and paste it into multiple cells.
  • Feature (81289): A user preference is available to default the "Add Kit Components to Shipment for Selected Kits" checkbox when receiving kits via a shipment batch.
  • Feature (80604): For some databases an "Exclude searching on Subject Fields. More Info" checkbox exists on the Quick Search dialog. This checkbox is selected by default to improve speed performance. For more information, select the More Info link in the checkbox.

September 2020

BSI version 20.9.1:

  • Feature (81256): Hovering over a field anywhere in BSI will open a tooltip displaying field properties.

Engage version 3.7:

  • Various bug fixes.

August 2020

BSI version 20.8.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

July 2020

BSI version 20.7.1:

  • Feature (67465): All dialogs are able to be expanded and resized. By default, dialogs open large enough for all content to be viewable. 
  • Feature (67144): A new standard report called "Data Dictionary" is available in the History folder. This report returns details about all fields available in the specified tables (vial, sample, subject, etc.). 
  • Feature (67438): A new user preference is available to default the starting sequence assigned when creating aliquots in a Requisition task. The starting sequence is also available in Requisition Task Templates.
  • Feature (67523): When using the right mouse button option to run a report, users can now select either standard or saved reports to run. 
  • Feature (67546): The requisition task menu option "Edit Task " has been updated to "Edit Task Properties".

Engage version 3.6:

  • Various bug fixes.

June 2020

BSI version 20.6.1:

  • Feature (67457): Enhancements to monitor reports include the ability to run reports hourly, an option to not send any email if no results are returned, and inclusion of the run date/time in the report output file name.
  • Feature (67532): A Find Freezer option on the Locations manager highlights the next or previous Freezer matching an entered search term.

May 2020

BSI version 20.5.1:

  • Feature (80807): The following system fields can be expanded to include a longer character limit: Subject ID, Current Label, Study ID, and Study Name. 
  • Feature (80891): A user preference has been added to remove the additional descriptive lines inserted at the top of csv and delimiter report output files.
  • Feature (80875): The Requisition Property Templates manager includes a Display Order button that allows users to select the order in which Requisition Property Templates are displayed to users. 
  • Feature (80877): Files may be imported from any panel of the Importer wizard, with default settings used for any panels the user chooses to skip. 
  • Feature (80886): A user preference is available to add an empty row to Data Entry Add batches by default. When this preference is set to False/No, these batches will open with no rows. 
  • Feature (80883): A user preference has been added to default the direct distribution checkbox's value during the Data Entry Add batch commit step. 
  • Feature (80683): The Brady i5100 printer is now available in the printer selection dialog.

Engage version 3.5:

  • Feature (67480): Requisition Property Template will be displayed in the display order set in the BSI client.

April 2020

BSI version 20.4.1:

  • Feature (80836): A new user preference is available to disable the "Save Report" reminder when closing any report editor.
  • Feature (80810): Filter criteria is no longer available for selection in the lkup_printer code list. 
  • Feature (79682): The Site and Collection Center field will display the value's Label.

March 2020

BSI version 20.3.1:

  • Feature (67032): A new task called Create Child Specimens is available. This task is a one-step aliquot task.

Engage version 3.4:

  • Various bug fixes.

February 2020

BSI version 20.2.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

January 2020

BSI version 20.1.1:

  • Feature (66242): An icon is available in the Kits editor which allows the user to generate the next available Sample ID and assign it to the kit.
  • Feature (66783): When the replicate kits wizard assigns labels to kit components, only components which have labels assigned in the parent kit are assigned labels in the child kits.

Engage version 3.3:

  • Feature (67401): Valid links stored in character fields are displayed as hyperlinks on BSI Engage

December 2019

BSI version 19.12.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

November 2019

BSI version 19.11.1:

  • Feature (67371): A new web services call is available to update req_vial fields.
  • Feature (67133): New web services calls are available to add, apply, begin, and complete the Return to Inventory task and the Transfer Out task.

Engage version 3.2:

  • Feature (67322): Customization warnings and errors are now displayed to the user before the user attempts to submit.
  • Feature (67027): Additional specimen data can be displayed on the Shopping Cart page.
  • Feature (67026): A specimen search may now be exported to excel from BSI Engage.
  • Feature (67282): Requisitions may be saved as pending requests for later submission.

October 2019

BSI version 19.10.1:

  • Feature (67323): The maximum number of BSI IDs that can be reserved at a time via web services has been increased to 5000.
  • Feature (67313): Multiple subjects may now be saved at a time via web services.
  • Feature (67303): Updates to locations data in a shipment, where new values would be different from the shipment manifest data, no longer generate discrepancies automatically.

Engage version 3.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

September 2019

BSI version 19.9.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

August 2019

BSI version 19.8.1:

  • Feature (67017): The Box Ship task allows users to ship an entire box and its contents from the repository's locations hierarchy to an outside facility. All specimen in the box must be included in the requisition. Once completed, the box will be removed from the location hierarchy.
  • Feature (67005): Users can complete a package task to create a new box(es) in the location hierarchy and assign the specimens to it.
  • Feature (67305): When completing an Aliquot/Process task, the Specify Children dialog now has the option to create a different number of children per parent. The number of children may be manually entered or imported on the dialog that opens.

Engage version 3.0:

  • Various bug fixes.

July 2019

BSI version 19.7.1:

  • Feature (67121): Users with an Access Level of Database Manager have additional permissions to manage the following objects in any institution: users, local administrators, templates, requisition task & property templates, reports, roles, and labels. Additionally, they can grant themselves permissions to any study and edit the repository, institution, and lkup_container_type code lists.
  • Feature (67359): All report outputs contain the username of the generating user and the instance on which the report was generated.

Engage version 2.18:

  • Various bug fixes.

June 2019

BSI version 19.6.1:

  • Feature (67079): Multiple user accounts can be created or edited at once.
  • Feature (67185): When creating a Requisition Property Template, users can display/default the Repository field. This field will only be displayed and/or defaulted when a requisition is submitted from BSI Engage using the RPT and without any specimens included.

Engage version 2.17:

  • Feature (67185): When creating a Requisition Property Template, users can display/default the Repository field. This field will only be displayed and/or defaulted when a requisition is submitted from BSI Engage using the RPT and without any specimens included.
  • Feature (66868): A system setting for BSI Engage allows all search criteria choices to be displayed, even if there are no results matching that value. By default, search criteria choices with no matching results are hidden.

May 2019

BSI version 19.5.1:

  • Feature (66167): Most editors and dialogs in BSI now display the environment, database, and logged in user's username.
  • Feature (67208): Location containers can no longer be contracted to dimensions which would not hold the number of specimens located in the container. If reducing container dimensions would result in specimens outside the new row/column values of the container, specimens are reorganized in the container following the user's location assignment preferences.

April 2019

BSI version 19.4.1:

  • Feature (67225): The Pooled Parents field documents the BSI ID of all parents pooled into a given child specimen. Users may add BSI IDs to this field when creating/editing specimens in Data Entry.
  • Feature (67273): Web services now allow users to create and commit Delete type Data Entry batches.

March 2019

BSI version 19.3.1:

  • Feature (67033): A new user preference allows users to set the field values to be displayed when viewing a TMA layout map. 

Engage version 2.16:

  • Various bug fixes.

February 2019

BSI version 19.2.1:

  • Feature (744): The BSI Launcher is the new delivery method for the BSI application. 
  • Feature (67218): BSI Web has been retired. It's successor, BSI Engage, should be used instead.
  • Feature (66943): Individual tasks within a requisition may be assigned to a user.

Engage version 2.15:

  • Feature (67218): BSI Web has been retired. It's successor, BSI Engage, should be used instead.

January 2019

BSI version 19.1.1:

  • Feature (67200): After uploading a manifest to a shipment, scanning specimens to update field(s) to a value other than the manifest will open the Add Discrepancy dialog.
  • Feature (67042): A new Print Microarray Layout Map Report with Planning Column report is available from the Create Microarray task.
  • Feature (67045): New user preferences are available to default selections in the Specify Microarray and Core IDs dialog that opens as part of Create Microarray task completion.

December 2018

BSI version 18.12.1:

  • Feature (67158): Kit properties can now be mapped for label printing.
  • Feature (67213): When pooling specimens into a child, the 'subtract child vial from parent' tool will now equally subtract child volume from all pooled parents.
  • Feature (67193): By default the Studies manager will display a maximum of 5,000 studies. 
  • Feature (66711): When an account is deactivated for too many incorrect login attempts, an email is sent to he user letting them know their account has been deactivated.

November 2018

BSI version 18.11.1:

  • Feature (67009): New passwords are now required to contain at least one character from each of the following complexity categories: lowercase letter, uppercase letter, number, and special character. The previous 20 passwords may not be reused. Users can continue to use their current password until it expires.
  • Feature (66531):  Users with access to more than one repository can now switch to a different repository from the Tools menu without logging out. 
  • Feature (66469): A manager button allows users to duplicate an existing requisition. The user can choose to "Duplicate Entire Requisition" (properties, tasks, & specimens), "Duplicate Properties" (properties & tasks), or "Duplicate Specimens" (just specimens). 
  • Feature (67159):  Discrepancies can be added to incoming shipments after importing data that does not match the manifest value. 
  • Feature (66511): The Thaw task can be completed on specimens to automatically increment the "Thaws" value by a specified integer. Completion of this task requires the corresponding role permission.

Engage version 2.14:

  • Various bug fixes.

October 2018

BSI version 18.10.1:

  • Feature (66387): Templates can be created to default user account preferences. These templates may be applied to new or existing accounts. Once applied, users can still modify their preferences.
  • Feature (66917): For multi-choice fields, users can now search using the following operators: =(equals), !=(not equals), and !&(does not contain). The Equals and Not Equals operators will search for values which exactly match or don't exactly match the whole entered search statement. The Does Not Contain operator searches on values which don't match any of the entered search terms.
  • Feature (79297): New user preferences are available to default the location reservation assignment options. If default values are assigned,the user may choose to reserve locations immediately after selecting a container, skipping the final pane of the wizard. 
  • Feature (67111): On the Box Contents tab of a container in the locations manager, you can display any vial/sample level field. A RMB option allows you to save the view.

Engage version 2.13:

  • Various bug fixes.

September 2018

BSI version 18.9.1:

  • Feature (67078): Attachments may now be added to multiple rows at once via the Mass Change right mouse button option.

August 2018

BSI version 18.8.1:

  • Feature (66846): A system preference has been added which allows a database to track requisition discrepancies without the use of a Discrepancy task and to return specimens with unresolved discrepancies to the inventory.
  • Feature (66850): Web services calls are available for management of locations structures.
  • Feature (67062): An account username may include '@' or '.' now.
  • Feature (66999): Discrepancy notification preferences are defaulted to "False/No" for new accounts.

Engage version 2.12:

  • Various bug fixes.

July 2018

BSI version 18.7.1:

  • Feature (67057): Users can designate multiple rows in an import file to be combined and treated as the header.
  • Feature (67091): A new checkbox called "Match all specimens" is available on the Advanced Locations search for databases where you can search for locations with specimens matching entered criteria. It will let the user return only boxes for which all specimens match the search parameters.
  • Feature (67051): Web Services calls are now available to add specimens to a submitted requisition.

June 2018

BSI version 18.6.1:

  • Feature (67080): Users can no longer send themselves an email containing their current password.
  • Feature (66828): Date/time fields captured by BSI are now displayed with time zones in reports.
  • Feature (66880): The BSI News is now automatically refreshed every hour.

May 2018

BSI version 18.5.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

Engage version 2.11:

  • Feature (67096): Character fields can now be searches for values which contain or do not contain the exact entered search term.

April 2018

BSI version 18.4.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

March 2018

BSI version 18.3.1:

  • Feature (66977): When no filter criteria is selected, managers will now be sorted by the date they were last modified, showing most recent changes at the top.

Engage version 2.10:

  • Various bug fixes.

February 2018

BSI version 18.2.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

Engage version 2.9:

  • Various bug fixes.

January 2018

BSI version 18.1.1:

  • Feature (66964): The new report editor checkbox to Display Search Criteria in Report Output can be used to include the search parameters of any report in the report's output file.
  • Feature (66178): A new sub-manager allowing templates to be created that determines which study property fields to display and which data to default them with for a selected type of study.

Engage version 2.8:

  • Various bug fixes.

December 2017

BSI version 17.12.1:

  • Feature (66958): A new user preference allows users to, by default, mark the checkbox to use existing Sample IDs when assigning BSI IDs.
  • Feature (66969): In a Modify batch, a warning will now be displayed for specimens which have been modified in a different batch since the current uncommitted batch was created.
  • Feature (66761): When exiting the Replicate Kits wizard before kits have been fully created, any Sample IDs reserved for those kits will be unreserved.

Engage version 2.7:

  • Various bug fixes.

November 2017

BSI version 17.11.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

Engage version 2.6:

  • Feature (60436): A shipment with a tracking number can be tracked via BSI Engage.

October 2017

BSI version 17.10.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

September 2017

BSI version 17.9.1:

  • Feature (66750): A new requisition task allowing shipment properties to be filled out directly from the task when receiving existing vials.
  • Feature (66257): A new sub-manager allowing templates to be created which determine which requisition property fields to display and which data to default them with for a selected type of requisition.
  • Feature (66525): Data Entry templates can now be selected as a requisition property to determine the field order and hidden fields in the requisition editor, child completion dialogs, and the Return to Inventory task completion dialog.
  • Feature (66724): A new "Approval Status" field displayed on the requisition manager, showing the overall approval status of the requisition.
  • Feature (66918): A system preference to enforce generation of Study IDs, which can be overridden only be users with appropriate role permissions.
  • Feature (66881): Notification emails will be sent to the repository contact and submitting user when shipment or requisition vials have discrepancies added or resolved on them. Users may elect to turn off the notifications via user preferences.
  • Feature (66725): Notification emails are now sent when a requisition moves to a state where there are no more specimens with "Approval Status=Pending".

Engage version 2.5:

  • Feature (66887): Requisition Approvals can now be granted/denied via BSI Engage. The Requisition Approval notification contains a link to BSI Engage.
  • Feature (66257): Requisition Property Templates, if any are available, can be selected when creating a new requisition via BSI Engage.
  • Feature (66724): The Approval Status field can be displayed and filtered on to find requisitions.
  • Feature (35870): The Study ID at Inclusion field can be used to filter to find requisitions.
  • Feature (66187): The Language Override settings set by System Administrators are now respected in BSI Engage.
  • Feature (66525): When creating new requisitions via BSI Engage, field view templates can be selected. These templates control the display order of fields when editing the requisition.
  • Feature (66201): If a sensitivity warning is set for the database, it will now appear when logging into BSI Engage.
  • Feature (66208): E-signature requirements can now be set when creating or editing a study via BSI Engage.
  • Feature (40242): The 'Authorized By' field is now available when creating new shipments on Engage.

August 2017

BSI version 17.8.1:

  • Feature (66914): A new right mouse button option allows the user to view history of changes made to a vial  and the properties of the associated batches.
  • Feature (66844): Column headers for required fields in Data Entry templates are displayed in red, with an asterisk in front of the column header name.
  • Feature (66915): A system preference can be set to make vial order not required prior to completion of a Transfer Out task.

July 2017

BSI version 17.7.1:

  • Feature (66877): Templates can be created to streamline the import process for similar files.
  • Feature (65975): Container row and column formats can now be modified when specimens are assigned to locations in the container.

Engage version 2.4:

  • Various bug fixes.

June 2017

BSI version 17.6.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

May 2017

BSI version 17.5.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

Engage version 2.3.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

April 2017

BSI version 17.4.1:

  • Feature (75129): New valid characters are available for selection when creating or modifying a character type field in Customization.
  • Feature (76709): When using the standard search dialog to search for vials on date fields, new relative date options are available for selection.

Engage version 2.3:

  • Feature (65474): A new Report button on the requisition details page will open a page displaying all available properties, which the user has the option to print.
  • Feature (66843): Multiple attachments can now be uploaded to new and existing shipments.
  • Feature (66845): Users can now select templates when submitting shipments via BSI Engage, which will be applied when viewing the shipment in the BSI client.

March 2017

BSI version 17.3.1:

  • Feature (77397): The ability to assign shipping box data while scanning to complete the task in a requisition.
  • Feature (76983): When mass editing collection kit properties, Kit Template ID can now be edited.

February 2017

BSI version 17.2.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

January 2017

BSI version 17.1.1:

  • Feature (66716): Users can now convert reports between listing and frequency types from the report editor.
  • Feature (66819): Support for the Zebra GC420T was added.
  • Feature (66796): New user preferences are available to remove unneeded warnings which are displayed in requisitions.

December 2016

BSI version 16.12.1:

  • Feature (66755): A new error check is displayed in Data Entry add batches when BSI IDs or Current Labels values match the same value for an untransferred shipment vial. A tool is available to link the shipment and Data Entry batch vials.
  • Feature (66789): The ability to submit and modify patient consent via the BSI Connect webservice APIs has been added.
  • Feature (66787): BSI Engage now supports database-specific example files or blank form files which can be downloaded from the new requisition, shipment or study creation pages on BSI Engage.
  • Feature (66795): A new set of system preferences enables notification emails to be sent upon the creation and/or modification of studies on the database.

Engage version 2.2:

  • Feature (66787): Example attachment files can be added by IMS staff to be displayed on the new shipment, requisition, and/or study pages on Engage. These files can be downloaded by users when submitting new items.

November 2016

BSI version 16.11.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

October 2016

BSI version 16.10.1:

  • Feature (66373): Universal Subject IDs can be enabled to link study-subject records across multiple studies.
  • Feature (66157): Users can now specify the criteria under which a specific code list value will be available when entering data.
  • Feature (66540): Studies can now be inactivated.
  • Feature (66471): Pasted and scanned values will now automatically include a delimiter when a new row is indicated.

Engage version 2.1:

  • Feature (66769): Pie graphs can now be used to view data in frequency searches.
  • Feature (66792): Engage is now available for SSO databases.

September 2016

BSI version 16.9.1:

  • Feature (66439): A new field called "Qty in Sample" is available in reports, which notes the number of specimens in the sample.
  • Feature (66475): BSI now supports the Zebra 110Xi4 printer.
  • Feature (66707): Updates to the Microarray Specification dialog including the ability to view all vial and sample level fields, and a planning row/column.
  • Feature (66208): On a study-level, e-signatures can now be required to complete certain actions within BSI.

July 2016

BSI version 16.7.1:

  • Various bug fixes.

June 2016

BSI version 16.6.1:

  • Feature (66656): New Kits manager option allowing users to replicate the properties and supplies of an existing kit for up to 100 new kits.
  • Feature (66657): When highlighting multiple kits on the Kits manager, users can now edit those kits' properties by selecting "Edit".
  • Feature (66368 & 66662): When using Mass Change, Change Values, import, or the Assign BSI IDs tool from a Data Entry editor, or when transferring specimens from Shipments to Data Entry would result in Sample Level Data being updated, users are now prompted to confirm they wish to continue with the changes. To continue with the changes, the user must have a role which includes the "Allow Sample Data Update" permission.
  • Feature (66063): When creating a custom verifier using system generated fields as criteria, the system now displays a warning message to the user if they save informing them that errors and warnings generated by the verifier may not be resolvable because system generated fields are not user editable.

May 2016

BSI version 16.5.2:

  • Feature (66738): The Study PI notification emails sent when study specimens are included in a submitted requisition will now include a link to the BSI Web property details page for the requisition.

BSI version 16.5.1:

  • Feature (66658): The Study PI notification emails sent when study specimens are included in a submitted requisition will now include a link to the BSI Web property details page for the requisition.
  • Feature (65912): When applying a Procedure task in a requisition, the "Create New Results Batch" checkbox will be marked by default.

April 2016

BSI version 16.4.1:

  • Feature (66076): A new report which allows users to report on the history of verifiers added via the Customization manager.
  • Feature (66635): The Generic Task can now be completed in requisitions via webservices.
  • Feature (66664): Users can now scan Kit IDs or Kit Labels to ship those kits.
  • Feature (66625): Freezer properties "% Occupied" and "Capacity" are now automatically calculated daily.
  • Feature (66678): User Defined Frequency reports with an output type of "Interactive Table" display a Sum value for highlighted rows.
  • Feature (66234): New checkbox to automatically save and close shipments when transferring vials to Data Entry. A new user preference was also created to allow the checkbox to be defaulted to True.
  • Feature (66148): Unique sequence numbers are now assigned to child specimens created in requisitions tasks which have parent specimens with the same Sample ID.

March 2016

BSI version 16.3.1:

  • Feature (66451): The user preference to save the data table will be defaulted to "1" for all new user accounts. This will set user accounts to save back up data for the table a user is editing every 1 minute.

February 2016

BSI version 16.2.1:

  • Feature (66073): Displayed modification history fields on the Customization editor.
  • Feature (66075): Created a new standard report for the change history of fields available in the Customization module.
  • Feature (66563): New user preference for default file type when generating a Comma Delimited file. Defaults to CSV.
  • Feature (66610): Messages manager no longer steals focus for successful commits. It generates a desktop notification for all notifications and steals focus for failures.
  • Feature (66649): Row values for multi choice fields can now exceed 250 characters.

December 2015

BSI version 15.12.1:

  • Feature (66570): The new BSI Engage, with improved search speed and user-friendly design, is an improved version of BSI Web.
  • Feature (66642): Default Destination can be edited to show a value other than 'TBD'.

October 2015

BSI version 15.10.1:

  • Feature (66545): Displays required requisition properties when requisitioning specimens directly from Data Entry, after committing a batch.
  • Feature (66547): Filter functionality is now available for field selection on the Display and Search tabs of the reports editor.

September 2015

BSI version 15.9.1:

  • Feature (66527): Allows multiple specimens to be allowed per box per split when using multiple location splits in a reservation.

August 2015

BSI version 15.8.1:

  • Feature (66523): The set Vial Order in a Procedure task will be maintained in the Results batch associated with the task.
  • Feature (66543): New user preference for default fields to be scanned on.

July 2015

BSI version 15.7.1:

  • Feature (66411): New Task enabling multiple specimens to be pooled together into a single specimens record.
  • Feature (66498): When beginning an aliquot or process task, users can now assign the next sequence number available to each individual Sample ID.