Contact BSI Support


Technical Support and Training

IMS provides technical support for the system on an as-needed basis.  To contact technical support, use one of the following methods:

  • Email your question to

  • From the main menu in BSI, select Help > Mail to Technical Support. A dialog will open.

    • The From, Email, Database, Phone, Module and Client Version boxes will automatically be populated with information from your user profile. The Description box is required.

  • Telephone (301) 628-1BSI (274) between 8:30am - 5:00pm ET



Exception messages are displayed when BSI encounters an error completing a function. The message dialog notifies the user that an error has occured. The user can either select OK or Send.

The Send button opens the Send Message to Administrator dialog. A description of the steps taken to produce the exception can be entered into the message to be sent to Administrators. Inclusion of the specific steps the user took to produce the exception are useful in identifying and subsequently correcting the source of  the error to prevent it from occurring again.

If the user selects OK from the original error message, the Stack Traces, which trace the error back to the section of code that produced the error, will still be sent to Administrators.