Kit Templates


Kit Templates

The Kit Templates editor allows users to create new kit templates or edit the contents of an existing kit template. Kit templates can be used to add a pre-defined set of kit components to a kit. Users must have the appropriate role permissions to work in the Kits Template submanager. To create or edit kit templates, a user needs these role permissions:

  • Accessing Kit Template Manager
  • Create/Edit Kit Template

To create a new kit template:

  1. Press New on the Kit Template manager.  Kit Template New
  2. The Kit Template Properties dialog will launch. Enter a Name for the template. The user can also add the Study ID, Resupply Threshold and select Pre Built Kit. If the supply count falls beneath the Resupply Threshold, the system will notify the designated repository user. The kit template’s status will default to Active. Kit Template Properties
  3. After entering information on the Kit Template Properties dialog, press OK. A blank Kit Template editor will launch.
  4. The following fields are available and required on the Kit Template editor:
    • Supply Type - users only need to enter one line per supply type, the Count field will determine how many rows for that supply type actually appear in the Kit Inventory editor. 
    • Is Returned - If this field is set to True/Yes, then the kit components will be added to the shipment editor when receiving kits.
    • Is Label Required - If this field is set to True/Yes, then the Label field in the Kit Inventory editor to produce an error if blank.
    • Count - The count field determines how many rows will be added to the Kit Inventory editor for each supply type.Kit Template Editor
  5. Once the information is filled in, press the Save button on the toolbar or choose Save from the File menu to make the changes permanent.

Example: Instead of adding the necessary supplies to each individual kit he creates, Dr. Quest creates a template which, when applied, adds the correct number of each supply to the new kit.

View a Kit Template

Users can view an existing kit template in the Kit Template editor. Users will not be able to make changes to the kit template while in View mode.

To view an existing kit template:

  1. Highlight the desired kit template from the list in the Kit Template manager.
  2. Press the View button on the Kit Template manager. The kit template will open in the Kit Template editor.View Kit Template
  3. Close the kit template editor when finished by pressing the X button on the top right corner of the editor, choosing Close from the File menu, or pressing Alt + F4.

Edit a Kit Template

Users can edit an existing kit template by opening it in the Kit Template editor.

To edit a kit template:

  1. In the Kit Template submanager, highlight the template to edit.
  2. Press the Edit button. The Kit Template editor will open with the kit template fields displayed.Edit Kit Template
  3. Make the desired changes to the kit template by editing the supply fields directly.
    1. To edit the kit template’s properties, select File then Properties. (Note: the Delete Kit Template Role Permission is required to edit the Kit Template Status.)
    2. Make the desired Kit Template Properties changes. Then Select OK. (Note: the kit template must be saved to retain the revised kit template properties.) .
  4. When finished making changes, save the template by pressing the Save button on the toolbar or selecting Save from the File menu.

Delete or Inactivate a Kit Template

Only a kit template that is not associated with any kits can be deleted. Kit templates associated with kits can be inactivated. To delete or inactivate a kit template the user must have the Delete Kit Template Role Permission.

To delete a kit template:

  1. Select the desired kit template to delete in the Kit Templates manger.
  2. Press the Delete button on the right side of the manager.Delete Kit Template
  3. A confirmation dialog will appear. Press Yes to delete the template. Press No to cancel the operation.
  4. If the kit template is not associated with any kits, it will be deleted. If the kit is associated with any kits, a dialog will display noting that the template is linked to a kit and cannot be deleted, but can be inactivated. Press Yes to inactivate the template. Press No to cancel.

A kit template can also be inactivated by editing its properties and changing the Status to Inactive.