Project Administrator

One project manager must be designated as the project's contact person on the Create Project page. Replies to e-mail that Squish sends regarding this project will be directed to this contact person.

Each project in Squish has at least one manager, who has the authority to perform administrative tasks regarding the project and its members.The company administrator will designate an initial manager when creating the project. Project Administrators are the user(s) in charge of managing every aspect of the project in Squish. They assign permissions to company users, enabling them to access the project and perform certain actions within it. Project Administrators are responsible for configuring the project. 

When creating a new project, you can follow these general steps to set it up:

  1. Create or request a new project.
  2. Edit project Settings.
    • This is where you can choose a project theme, set notification settings, and enable wikis, milestones, the timeline, and project management features.
  3. If you will be emailing issues and/or comments into the project, fill out the Email details.
  4. Edit your Issue Types.
    • Issue Types are a broad categorization for the types of issues submitted in your project. For example: Bug, Feature Request, or Support Issue.
  5. Edit your Project Fields.
    • These fields can be available or hidden for each different Issue Type.
  6. Set up roles for your project members.
    • Roles govern which permissions members have across the project.
  7. Add members and create groups of those members to notify and assign issues to.
  8. Create workflows, if desired.
    • Workflows guide members through certain steps to process issues within your standard practices.

It is recommended that after completing all steps, you look over each section again and make adjustments.

Options and tools available for each project can be accessed via the project navigation bar: