Company Administration

Company Administrator Menu Options

company-admin-menu-options.pngThe company navigation bar appears at the left side of the company screen, unless you are on a small screen, and then it appears beneath the header. Along with generally available company menu options, several options are available only to Company Administrators:

The Admin menu on the company navigation bar gives you access to company-wide options, only if you are a company administrator.

  • Settings - takes you to the Company Settings screen where the name, theme, anonymous access, require account approval, and password settings can be set.
  • Projects - takes you to the Project Administration screen, which contains a table of existing projects with links to the projects.
  • Users - takes you to the User Administration screen for the company where users can be added, activated and deactivated.
  • Export - takes you to the Export screen where you can export the data from a project or projects.
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