Create, Edit, or Delete a Project

Create, Edit, or Delete a Project

Navigate to the Project Administration screen by clicking Admin > Projects from the Company Administration navigation bar. From this page:

  • Create Project - click this link on the left side of the title bar to create a new project.
  • Via the view a list of projects that allow company-wide or anonymous access link, you can view a list of projects and what access they have within the company or outside of it.
  • You can select a radio button to show, active projects or inactive projects.  
  • If many projects are listed, you can narrow down the list by typing a word or words from the name in the Filter field. When the Filter field is blank the table will be unfiltered.

In the table, you can click the name of a project to go to the Home page for that project. You can also see the Short Name, the project Owner/Contact, the number of members, the number of issues, and the last active date.


Creating a new project:

Only company administrators can create a new project, however a non-administrator can request that a new project be created.


  1. If you are a company administrator, click Admin > Projects to view the Project Administration screen and then click Create Project.
  2. Enter a name for the project.
  3. Enter a short name for the project. The short name can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens. It is used in the URL for the project.
  4. If you want, enter a message to appear at the top of the project's home page.
  5. Select an Owner/Contact for the project. This person is the initial project manager and the person to whom e-mails like access requests are sent.
  6. If there is an existing project in your company that already has custom fields and issue types defined that you want to use for this project, select that project in the Model project field.
  7. Click Create Project to create the new project.

Initially, only the project manager will be a member of the project. See Project Members for instructions on adding other members to the project.

Edit or delete an existing project:

edit-proj.pngFrom the company Admin menu select Projects to open the Project Administration screen.  Then click on the project you want to edit or delete to open the Edit Project screen.

From this screen you can edit:

The project Name
The project Message that appears at the top of the project homepage
The status of the project
The project Owner

Once you are done editing, click on the Save Project button. You can also delete the project by clicking on the Delete Project button.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you export the project before deleting it in case you need the data in the future. Once a project has been deleted, it cannot be restored.  If you are no longer working on the project but may want to restart it or keep the data readily available you can make it inactive.