Release Notes

This page includes a comprehensive list of all enhancements made to Squish.

Version 2024.03 - March 23, 2024

User Experience Improvements

  • A cross-project issue activity report has been added to the Company Timeline. This allows users to view their Squish activity across projects. There is also a table to show the activity as an issue count that can be printed.
  • Made minor updates to the Search Panel to make it more user-friendly. Increased the number of recent unsaved searches shown to six. Searches can now display 100, 500, or 1000 issues per page in addition to the previous options.
  • Updated searching software, which now includes using “or” in keyword searches, as well as “-term” to exclude terms. 
  • Added context-specific Help links to some Squish pages.
  • Minor changes were made to the main navigation layout to make it more user-friendly.
  • Updated how the Top Menu responds at different sizes to make it more user friendly, especially when used on phone screens.
  • Reworked the way colors are assigned in charts to better differentiate the categories. 
  • Reworked the flow for user signup and login, which made "Log In" and "Create a new account" individual buttons.
  • Added "not" as a valid operator on the POST route for searching for issues in API v2. 

Project Administration

  • From the Company Timeline, Project Administrators can see and filter activity for any projects they manage and any individual user. There is also a table to show the activity as an issue count that can be printed. (Updates for all users of a project are still visible on the Project Timeline.)
  • Created a default Due Date field and allows for a one-time conversion from any date field to the Due Date field.
  • Project Administrators can choose whether to display the Confidential checkbox that appears under the Comment field.
  • Added a toggle that lets Project Administrators set notifications for a particular field to Project Administrators Only.
  • Added an icon accessible to Project Administrators and the person who originally made the commit to mark a Git commit as not associated with an issue by striking through the commit text.

Company Administration (including Account Management)

  • From the Company Timeline, Company administrators can pull up cross-project issue activity with filters for projects and users. There is also a table to show the activity as an issue count that can be printed.
  • A User History button has been added at the bottom of the Edit User page.
  • An Email Verified column was added to the User List table and Company Administrators can update the Email Verified values.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug on the Admin/Users page that only allowed for sorting in one direction.
  • Fixed a bug that added double comments if the mouse clicked twice quickly.
  • Fixed a bug that deleted text if enter was pressed twice within a list item.
  • Fixed a bug that interfered with uploading profile pictures.
  • Fixed the color/hue selector for choice fields.
  • Fixed a bug that kept new child wiki pages from inheriting the parent's category.
  • Fixed a bug related to time format that kept date values with late-in-the-day times from showing up on searches.
  • Fixed a bug for markdown comments so that three dashes now gives the (hr) divider, not the escaped HTML.
  • Fixed a bug keeping multi-value fields from processing correctly in the importer.
  • Fixed a bug in the email verification process that prematurely said the email was verified. 

These updates are in addition to regular maintenance and security upgrades.

Version 2023.12 - December 31, 2023

User Experience Improvements

  • Issue due dates, Milestones and Tasks can be updated by those with existing permissions by dragging and dropping them on the calendar.
  • Users can deactivate their own accounts from the User Profile.
  • Badges were made easier to read and the Field's collapse and expand buttons are easier to find.
  • "Copy Link" has been added to the Comment dropdown menu.
  • Code blocks will now display all text inside the block on the printer friendly page.
  • Search Name maximum length was changed from 100 to 150 characters and will wrap to avoid bleeding off the page.
  • Issues printed to PDF now have issue-identifying file names recommended when saving.

Project Administration

  • User List - Multi Value was added as a field type. It allows one or more users to be selected as the field's value.
  • For Squish projects that allow for anonymous submission, issues submitted from an email address, not associated with an account can receive email issue updates if the email address is verified.
  • Fixed spacing issues in the new members widget.
  • Added the Modify Resolved column to the Project/Admin/Issue Types overview page.
  • Keyword search is available on the wiki pages.
  • When updated by the creator, public searches will update on all homepages where they were saved.

Company Administration (including Account Management) 

  • For new account sign-ups, Squish checks for accounts associated with the email and notifies the user or admin (based on company settings) of all accounts associated with that email address.
  • Company administrators can set the number of allowable bad password attempts before a user is locked out and the number of minutes before the lock is automatically removed. Administrators can also choose to manually unlock accounts.
  • Email verification has been added to accounts. 
  • Bug fixed to allow User list to be sorted by Username.

Minor Bug Fixes 

  • A bug fix that, on the issue deletion page, notifies the user if the issue is listed as a value in the Issue type field for a different issue that it will be removed from the field but not the issue history, and then upon the user's confirmation to delete the issue, removes its value from issue fields.
  • A bug fix to properly display hompage Search Actions/Statistics submenu.
  • In Quick Edit and Workflow comments, text only persists until the Submit or Update button is pressed.
  • Fixed a broken link to issue comments in the Quick Edit dialog.
  • A bug fix to prevent duplicate emails when issues are assigned.
  • A bug fix to allow public searches to be removed by a non-administrator from their project homepage.
  • A bug fix to display Issue type field values in Search results.
  • A bug fix for how the Statistics dropdown menu is displayed.

Version 2023.09 - September 29, 2023

User Convenience

  • A comment that hasn't been saved will be displayed in the workflow comment if the user then selects a workflow that prompts for a comment.
  • When edited, searches saved to the user's homepage will now remain in the order on the homepage that they were in before the edits.
  • Added the Edit home page button to the top of the page as well as the bottom.
  • User accounts that cannot login to Squish (Email and Service type accounts) will not be deactivated for not logging in for the number of days set in Company Settings. 

Project Administration

  • A new "Can Modify Resolved" role permission was added to allow or restrict modification of issues by specific roles after they have been resolved (as defined by their Status).
  • Added a new project setting to selectively ignore incoming emails containing specific words or phrases.
  • Added a toggle that allows the Admin to choose whether a commit comment is added every time a GitLab commit is merged or just the first time a commit is merged.
  • After editing a member, the member filter will remember its last settings.
  • The Project Admin field settings page lookup results now initially only display the first 100 active items and a Load More Results button will load 100 more each time it is selected. Inactive items will be kept in the same order at the end of the list. 

Company Administration (including User Account Management)

  • Creating a new project from an existing model project now copies over groups, workflows, and other settings.
  • Accounts now have types so that regular user accounts, API accounts, and email notification only accounts can be treated differently by Squish.
  • After editing a user, the user filter will remember its last settings. 

Webhooks (Used for Integration with Other Programs)

Microsoft Teams integration! A new "Teams" webhook type was added to allow posting issue submissions and/or updates to Teams. See the user's guide for more information about how to set this up.


Users and Groups can be added to or removed from issue notifications via API. 

Removal of Outdated or Unused Functionality 

Removed the checklist button on the comment formatting bar for BBCode.

Version 2023.06 - July 2, 2023

Download all attachments 

A "Download All" button was added to download a ZIP file of all attachments in an issue at once.

Improve member management 

A multi-select widget replaced the existing widget for Admins selecting multiple items in a list (projects, members, etc.). It allows lists to be filterable based on the items' attributes. In the widget, Admin users can see which items were included in the list before any items were added or removed, or see just those items that were added, just those that were removed, or all items. 

Make it easier to see who people are 

A pop-over was added to show additional user/member information when hovering over their name. 

User organization 

An Organization field was added to a user's profile information and it value is available wherever the user pop-over appears upon hovering. 

New checkbox to allow/disallow account signups 

Added a checkbox to company settings to control whether new users can sign up for their own accounts. 

Unprivileged users can see confidential attachment names in "See All Attachments" 

The document name of attachments to comments marked as confidential can no longer be seen through View All Attachments.

Version 11.0 - August 6, 2022

Refreshed User Interface

This release brings optimization with consideration for mobile users and users with slower connections

  • Uses system fonts for faster page loading
  • Improved mobile user interface

Quick issue editing

Quick issue editing is available from any search page, including searches on your home page.

Company-wide issue activity page

View company-wide issue activity on the new page company-wide issue activity page, with added filtering options including Resolve/Unresolved, Assigned To Me, Grouped by, project name, date range, and more.

Markdown Comments

Use markdown on issues in your Squish comments for fine control of text and code styling

Search improvements

  • Start searches by typing names, lookup values, or issue numbers into the search box
  • Refine searches on-the-fly by clicking +/- buttons next to any lookup value

Group and role badges

Group and role badges are displayed next to user names on issue comments

Support for nested pages in the project wiki

Increased organization control and customization in the Squish project wiki

Smaller changes

Starting with this release, Squish notifications will now come from an unmonitored email address instead of the email address. The subject and contents of the emails will remain the same, but we are informing you ahead of time to prepare adjustments to any automatic sorting rules you may have.

Version 9.0 - April 20, 2019

Improved notification settings

This release brings a number of improvements for notifications:

  • The "Notifications" dialog on each issue now apply to all updates, not only updates made by you. This solves the current problem of users receiving only some of the updates made to an issue, causing confusion because they don't get the complete picture. If you don't want to be notified of all updates to an issue, there is now a link in the notification emails to stop receiving them.
  • Users can select fields to "ignore" notifications about. If a change is made to an issue containing only fields which you have selected to ignore, you will not receive a notification email.
  • The project-wide setting to notify managers when an issue is submitted has been replaced by a setting per role and issue type. Managers can now define which roles should be notified about new issues on a type-by-type basis.
  • When emailing users about an issue, and selecting the "Also post the text above as a comment on this issue" checkbox, a record of who you sent the notification to is now recorded in the comment.
  • There are now buttons to "Contact Administrators" on the company homepage, and "Contact Managers" on each project homepage.

New comment editor 

Squish has a new comment editor with buttons to help with rich-text formatting.

Search improvements 

This release brings a number of improvements to search:

  • Search templates. Users can now create and save search "templates", which are essentially a set of defaults for creating new searches from. If you find yourself consistently specifying the same search criteria over and over, give templates a try.
  • Added a "Does Not Contain" operator for searching on text fields.
  • The "Quick Edit" action for editing issues in a search has been greatly improved, now showing all comments and field history when editing each issue.
  • Added an "Older Than" operator for date fields, to find issues with a date field older than some number of days. Useful for finding "stale" issues.

GitHub/GitLab Integration 

This release brings a new settings page for enabling integration with GitHub or GitLab via push event webhooks. Commits to your repository that contain a issue URL, or simply "#<issue_number>", will post a commit comment to that issue. Project managers can go to the Settings admin to find a new "Git integration settings" link.

API version 2

  • The new Squish API is RESTful and eschews the token authentication process of the previous version for a simpler header-based authentication scheme.
  • Several new APIs have been written, including the ability to create users and projects, execute saved searches, create and update lookup values, and more.
  • The issue API has been simplified to include comments, field data and history, related issues, and attachment info in a single call.
  • Documentation is available at

Smaller bug fixes and enhancements

  • Added the ability to "pin" comments to the top of an issue.
  • Added a button to show all attachments in an issue.
  • Improved the Submission Grid report to allow selecting which date fields to use as the "Submission Date" and "Resolution Date", and a timeframe to group by.
  • A race condition that would sometimes cause a Server Error when submitting new issues has been addressed.
  • A new role permission for viewing confidential comments and issues has been added.
  • "Developer-only" fields have been renamed to "Private" fields, and a new "Can view private fields" permission has been added to roles.
  • Lookup descriptions are now shown in the dropdowns for lookups with a description set.
  • The project members admin shows which groups a member is part of, and groups can be set on the edit member page.

Version 8.0 - January 7, 2017

Setting field options per issue type

Squish now features the ability to set a number of options, including when a field should be read-only or required, and default values, per issue type. For example, fields can be made read-only after an issue is resolved, or required when updating or resoling an issue.

Charts on your project homepage

Searches saved to your project homepage can now be displayed as a number of different types of charts (pie, bar, stacked bar, etc), grouped by a field you choose.

Dynamically add lookups

Lookup fields can now be configured to allow certain roles to be able to add lookup values "on the fly". A user with the appropriate role can just start typing a new lookup value into the select widget, and choose to add the new value, which will be saved when updating the issue.

Notification email improvements

Email notifications have been streamlined to include the issue subject in the email subject, and set the sender's name to be the user who updated the issue. This allows email clients to property thread update notifications for the same issue.

Version 7.0 - February 15, 2015

Email issues and comments directly into Squish

Squish now features the ability to create new issues via email, and comment on existing issues via email. Keeping email threads in Squish issues is now as simple as CCing an email address specific to that issue. You can read more about the new email capabilities.

Customizable company dashboard page

With Squish 7.0, you can add saved searches from any project to your overall company dashboard page, and customize the display of those searches. Great for keeping an eye on all your projects from one place.

Project webhooks

Webhooks can be configured to make HTTP requests to your server when issues are submitted or updated, allowing for deeper integration with other systems. Read more about webhooks.

Issue Grid

We developed a new Issue Grid search action that allows users with the mass change role permission to view search results as a table of issues, broken down by one or two lookup fields. Users can drag and drop issues in this table, and save all the changes at once.

Project-level settings

Squish now allows project members to set their issue display preferences on a project-by-project basis. Want to use a WYSIWYG editor in one project, show field history by default in another, and customize which fields appear on searches by default in another? You can do all that in Squish 7.0.

Cross-project user timeline

Similar to the project timeline feature, Squish now includes a timeline of your actions across all projects.

Performance improvements

An updated database, more aggressive caching, and a worldwide CDN for static assets will make Squish page loads snappier for everyone.

Wiki improvements

The Squish wiki now features a list of recent page changes, and a table of contents visible from each page.

Version 6.0 - January 25, 2014

New Mobile-Friendly Design

The look and feel of Squish has been re-thought for better usability and mobile compatibility. With drag and drop re-ordering, select boxes with a text filter, and more obvious comment previewing, Squish is easier to use than ever.

Project Homepage

Customization It is now possible to completely customize your project homepage, including selecting which fields to display and drag and drop re-ordering. Searches displayed on your homepage also respect the sorting and grouping you've set.

WYSIWYG Comment Editor

Squish now has an option to use a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor for comments and wiki pages, so you don't need to enter formatting codes manually.

Better Searching

In addition to better performance for large searches, it is now possible to specify field ordering, and search for issues on your watch list. There are new search actions for viewing an Issue Resolution Chart, managing issues on your watch list, and resetting sort and display fields to the project default. It is also possible to search using relative dates, i.e. "in the last" or "in the next" N days.

New Role Permissions

There are now role permissions for editing wiki pages, accessing the mass change action in searches, and enforcing issue workflows. A user whose roles indicate that workflows should be enforced will only be able to update issues via applicable workflow actions.

Other Features

  • A new Issue field type, and Parent Issue field. If enabled, issues can be created in a parent/child hierarchy, and displayed in a tree view via a new search action.
  • New Checklist field type. Checklists behave like multi-value lookups, but are rendered as lists with checkboxes, and are crossed out when completed (selected). A new "Contains None" search operator was added to search for issues with one or more checklist items NOT completed.
  • New Field History report for viewing (and exporting) all issue history for a specified field over a time period.
  • Field conversions. A company admin now has the ability to change a field's type, within reason. For instance, it is possible to convert a Text field into a Lookup containing all possible values, or a Lookup field to a Multi-Value Lookup field.
  • Regular expression validaton for fields. Any text or numeric field may be configured with a regular expression used for validation, allowing for custom field validation of things like phone numbers.
  • It is possible to add custom comment formatting using regular expressions.
  • A new "" API service for retrieving wiki pages.
  • Improved Gantt chart for milestones with start and due dates.
  • Added the ability to break down issue resolution by any lookup field on milestone pages.
  • The wiki homepage can now be edited like any other wiki page.
  • Improved the formatting of HTML email notifications.
  • A new member overview page, detailing every member's permission for each issue type.
  • A new Text Size user preference, controlling the font size of issue tables.
  • Added the ability to enter dates for the timeline and updated/resolved issue reports, instead of only being able to see through the present date.
  • Implicit issue due dates (based on milestone or task) are shown along with a link to the calendar.
  • Support for Gravatars in comments. Sign up with your Squish email at

Version 5.2.1 - July 10, 2012

  • The "Add Attachment" interface has been redesigned to make it easier to insert attachments. When selecting attachments, you no longer need to press the "Attach" button each time, they are automatically uploaded. You can also select more than one attachment at a time, and drag files onto your browser window to attach them. Note that these features are not available for IE6/7, and are limited to one file at a time on IE8/9.
  • When updating issues from a search, you are now taken back to the page you were on before, instead of the first page of the search results.
  • An RSS feed has been added for the Timeline.
  • It is now possible to generate a new private user key, used for RSS feed links and the API. 
  • A minor visual refresh, including more consistency in element spacing and margins, and several new themes.
  • Issues are now checked in the background for modifications by other users. If another user modifies an issue while you have it open, a message will be displayed along with a link to reload the issue.
  • An option to "Save" an issue (update the issue and return to the bottom of the page) is now available. Holding Shift while pressing the "Update Issue" button changes it to "Save Issue".

Version 5.2 - November 27, 2011

Project Timeline

A new way to visualize activity on a project in an ordered manner! The Project Timeline shows updated bugs, comments, wiki page edits, issue resolutions, etc. broken down by date. Users are able to filter this list based on which "event" types you want to see (e.g. only show me resolved issues during this time).

Related Issues

Squish will keep track of issues that link to each other. For example, if issue #3 links to issue #5 in the description or any of the comments, issue #5 will display that issue #3 is related to it, even though there is no direct link in the issue itself.

Workflow Improvements

First and foremost, workflows can now be automatically run when issues are submitted. For instance, a workflow may triage all issues matching some criteria and automatically assign them to a particular user. Workflows may now also be placed in the "action bar" for an issue, alongside the Update and Notify buttons, giving common workflows greater exposure and "first-class" status. Finally, a special (Previous User) value was added to Assigned To actions, allowing workflows to reassign issues to the previous user. This will facilitate conversational workflows, where an issue is passed back and forth.

Search Ranking

Search results are now ranked by keyword matches, and display a relevance indicator.

Lost Content Warning

Squish will now warn you when trying to leave an issue with unsaved changes.

Other Features

  • Ability to add a comment to all issues during a mass change.
  • View differences between two versions of a wiki page Ability to log in with your email address.
  • Clarified that the Notify dropdown only applies to updates *you* make.
  • The action bar on issue pages has a link back to the project homepage (for when you're scrolled all the way down).
  • Improved the print style sheet for issue and search pages.
  • Show criteria and actions on the workflow listing page.
  • Give an indication of which fields are "system-defined" on the field admin page.
  • Added a "Request a new project" link to the company homepage.

Version 5.1 - August 22, 2010

  • Project Management
    • Ability to assign issues to groups as well as users
    • Ability to assign due dates to issues, tasks, and projects
    • A new Calendar page to display upcoming issues, tasks, and projects
    • A reminder system to send email reminders when issues are due
    • Individual project/milestone detail pages with notes, issue resolution breakdowns, and Gantt charts
    • Can now mark a project/milestone as completed
  • Squish API
    • Expose a simple HTTP interface, responses are JSON
    • Allow company admins to create API keys and define which users may use them
    • Allow API users to get project and issue data, search, and submit issues
    • Ability to define read-only API keys (cannot submit or modify issues)
  • New statistic displaying aggregates (sum, min, max, avg) for integers and decimals
  • Ability to specify a Lookup field for wiki page categories
  • Keyword search improvements (notably when searching with periods or dashes)
  • Fixed several issues that were causing Server Error pages
  • Notification improvements
    • Can now notify groups when updating an issue
    • Can see who is watching an issue from the Notify dropdown
    • Set the reply-to address for notifications to the updating user (unless the updater is a developer and the project anonymizes developer names)
    • Added a Select All button to the Notify drop down
    • Interface improvements for the Email dialog, including:
      • The column headers no longer scroll with the rest of the recipient list
      • Selected recipients are highlighted
      • The number of selected users/groups is displayed
  • Show the username on the member admin page (in case of duplicate names)
  • Added a new [tt] tag that uses a fixed-width font (like [fixed]), but also interprets tags inside of it and wraps lines (unlike [fixed])
  • Added a link to search pages to create an issue with the search criteria pre-filled
  • Added a new URL field type that validates URLs and displays a clickable link
  • Page loading performance improvements (combined CSS and Javascript resources, improved caching)

Version 5.0 - December 1, 2009

  • Updated look and feel
  • New field types
  • Managers can create issue types
  • Role-based permissions
  • Built-in wiki
  • Ability to track progress with milestones
  • Set issue workflows
  • Improvements to search
  • Customizable home page
  • Statistics improvements
  • Notification groups
  • Cross-project dashboard
  • Usability and accessibility improvements

Version 4.1.4 - January 27, 2009

  • Added ability to control attachment sizes per company.
  • Added more date format capabilities to allow for better handling of dates.

Version 4.1.3 - May 18, 2008

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor enhancements to date field functions and saved history

Version 4.1.2 - March 12, 2007

  • Bug fixes
  • Minor enhancements to search interface

Version 4.1 - November 10, 2006

  • Saved Searches - Users can now save and share searches with others
  • Export XML without attachments
  • Full text search now includes attachment names

Version 4.0.1 - June 3, 2006

  • Search
    • Full text searching (root word, keyword)
    • Multi-valued field selection.
    • New interface.
    • Searching on date ranges (mm/dd/yyyy - mm/dd/yyyy)
    • Sorting by user defined date
  • Mass Change (Managers only)
  • Ability to notify users on submit/update of an issue.
  • View user watching a particular issue (same interface as notify on submit/update)
  • Ability to create groups of users for security purposes.
  • Recent project portlet reconfigured to show only the last visited sites up to a specified number. This is user configurable.
  • Recent projects portlet now shows number of assigned unresolved issues associated with the logged in user for each project along with total unresolved issues
  • Updated user management screens. The screen now shows all projects the user is associated with. (Company Manager)

Updated Items: 

  • Enhanced error checking and reporting on submitted/updated issues
  • New user submission page.
  • Background export process with email notification on completion.
  • Updated help

Backend Features 

  • PostgreSQL database transition.
  • Restructured comments field so that each comment is it's own record
  • MD5 Checksumming on all attachments for enhanced single point storage
  • Apache 2.2 server
  • UTF-8 Support

Version 3.5.5 - October 4, 2005

  • Display of user id when there is a duplicate name
  • Added the ability to specify a project in an issue tag
  • Added the ability to sort in the lookup editor
  • The issue subject is now included in e-mail notifications
  • Closed issues are now specified in the subject line of the notification e-mail
  • Notifications are now sent when a description or comment is updated
  • Number of duplicate e-mail messages to managers were lessened
  • Submitters of an issue will not longer receive update notifications if they do not have view permission on the issue
  • Required fields are now respected when issue is updated
  • Some cryptic error messages were updated to provide more information.
  • Developer comments are now uniquely identified when a user is viewing them.

Version 3.3 - April 29, 2003

  • Additional options were added to many of the statistics, including date range searching on the top submitters. In addition, many of the statistics now return a selectable number of records. The different statistic types are now shown one at a time. There is a drop-down list of choices for selecting another statistic type.
  • A new feature was added for simplifying the setup of a new project. When creating a project, you now have the option of either using the default fields and lookups, or using the settings from any existing project. If you chose to use the settings from another project, the new project will inherit all the fields (including order and field-specific options) and lookup values. The new project will not get the security settings from the other project. That must be still be set up manually.

Version 3.2 - September 27, 2002

  • The boxes that were displayed after submitting and updating have been done away with. Now you will be taken directly back to the project home page. The exception is updating an issue from a search. In that case you will be taken back to that search. In both cases the success message will now be displayed in a statusbar at the top of the screen.
  • If you are submitting or updating an issue and your session expires your work is no longer lost. Now, simply logging back in will complete the update or submit.
  • The Project Statistics page has been updated. The lists of Top Viewed Issues and Top Watched Issues are now limited to open issues. I
  • n addition to being made inactive, fields can now be removed from your project permanently. Doing so will result in all of the data for that field being lost.

Version 3.1 - June 26, 2002

  • Many improvements were made to the descriptions/comments. Using a new system of "tags", it is now possible to format text (bold, italic, etc...), quote previous text, have bullet lists, and many other formatting options. In addition, it is easy to add links to issues or users.
  • A new mail system was added to Squish to make it easier to notify other developers in your projects. An external mail package is no longer necessary to send notifications to other Squish users.
  • You can now add multiple attachments to a description or comment.
  • The 50 character limit on text fields has been lifted. Project managers may now set the length of a text field up to 255 characters.
  • A new "Project Statistics" tab was added to project pages for project managers. These include top submitters, viewed and watched issues. In addition, managers can view a cross-tab of open issues based on who they are assigned to and any other user-defined lookup.
  • Case-insensitive searching on descriptions and comments was added.
  • Add to Watchlist button in bug view no longer causes a page reload. It is now possible to add/remove an issue to your watchlist with unsaved work.
  • All buttons in the system were replaced with images. This provides a more consistent look and feel between the different browsers.

Version 3.0 - March 20, 2002

  • Timezone support has been added to Squish. All timestamps (i.e. date last modified) will be adjusted to display according to each users timezone. A user can change his or her timezone by visiting their 'My Account' page.
  • The automatic URL detection for issue descriptions and comments has been improved. URL's no longer have to be surrounded by white space. This will fix any previously mis-detected URL's.
  • Company Administrators will notice that the interface for user management has been improved significantly.

Version 2.5 - October 12, 2001

  • On the search screen the Basic Search and Advanced Search have been combined into a single search. This allows for searches which were previously impossible.
  • The verification of new accounts has become a more simplified process. Once a user receives the confirmation e-mail all he/she has to do is click the link to activate the new account.
  • New preferences have been added to user accounts. Most significant is the option to be e-mailed when a change is made to an entry that you submitted. To see or change the new options simply go to the My Account screen.
  • There is now a link on the company homepage for e-mailing the Company Admin to request a project. The report and detail printouts have been changed to make them a little nicer to look at.
  • A few bugs were fixed including a problem with searching dates.

Version 2.4- September 25, 2001

  • Project Member information has been added to the project homepage.
  • The layout of the project homepage has changed in order to keep the look of the system more consistent

Version 2.1 - June 28, 2001

  • Navigation has been changed to make it more flexible.
  • User and Developer comments are now displayed together according to the order in which they were submitted. This makes it much easier to read when there is a discussion going on between users and developers.
  • You can also now include links into your descriptions and comments. For more information on how to do this please refer to the on-line help.
  • Some other minor usability changes were made