Project Settings

Project Settings

As a project manager, you can change the project settings to accommodate your needs. To access the project settings, click Settings on the project navigation bar. When you are finished making changes, you must click Save Project Settings, at the bottom of the page to submit the changes.

At the top of the page, there is a link to Advanced comment formatting options, which should only be used if you are familiar with regular expressions.

Project Information

  • Name - The name of the project is displayed in the header and in the list of projects in the Home drop-down on the project navigation bar. It can be up to 100 characters long, using any standard keyboard characters.
    • It is suggested that you limit your project name to one or two words for a better display, but this is not required.
  • Message - The message will appear at the top of project Home page. Click on the Formatting link to see how to add format changes and links to your message. Make changes when the Write tab is selected and select Preview to make sure that the formatting and links are the way you want them to appear.
  • Owner/Contact - The owner/contact person is the project manager whose email address Squish will use as the "from" address in all email regarding the project.
    • A project member receiving an email can respond with questions directly to the manager, so choose someone who is intimately involved with the project.



Project Settings

  • Theme - Squish features a number of color themes from which to choose. This theme affects the header bar on all pages for the current project. Other projects can choose different themes.
  • Enable Wiki - If this is checked, the Wiki link will be available on the project navigation bar and wikis will be available for use.
  • Wiki field - The field selected here will determine the choices available for categorizing wiki pages. If unselected, wiki pages will all be uncategorized.
  • Show Milestones - If this is checked, the Milestones link will be available on the project navigation bar.
  • Show timeline - When this option is checked a link to the project the project timeline is available.
  • Allow group assignment - Allows you to assign tasks to a group rather than a single user. That means that if you have something that needs to be tested, you can assign it so everyone in the group will know about it and the person who has time first will take the assignment.

Notification Settings

These settings let Squish know what events you want to trigger an automatic e-mail. When a new issue is submitted, an e-mail can be sent to all members who have the manager role. When an issue is assigned, an e-mail can be sent to the person to whom it was assigned. When an issue is updated, Squish can send e-mail to the person to whom the issue is assigned, and to users who have the issue on their watch lists. In general, it is recommended that you select all of these options, but you may find that some other arrangement works best for your project.




Project Management

These settings allow you to configure project management and enable due dates to be assigned to issues by checking the Enable project management checkbox. More information about project management can be found here.

Additional Settings

Some additional setting configurations are available from links at the top of this page.

Advanced comment formatting options

This page allows you to create custom comment formatting options for users in your project. These options are created using regular expressions. A preview comment box is available for testing your formatting options.

Advanced Comment Formatting

Git integration settings

This page allows a Project Administrator to integrate their project with a Git code repository. In order to set up the integration with GitHub or GitLab, some configurations must be made in Git. The URL for setting up integration with the current project is displayed above the settings.

The following settings are available on this page:

  • Git Branches – Required. The branch names which will be included in this Squish project. If branch names will include a Squish issue number, then an asterisk (*) can be used to designate the issue number in the name. For example: refs/heads/release-*.
  • Only show git commits the first time they are pushed to the repository – If this box is unchecked, then commits will be tracked each time they are pushed to a new branch that matches one of the patterns above. For example, checking this checkbox will prevent duplicate commit messages from being added to an issue when a commit is merged.
  • Send notifications for git commit comments – If checked, users watching an issue will receive notifications when commit comments are posted. If unchecked, users will not receive notifications.