In the Location Tree, every BSI user is assigned a Workbench folder under Workbenches.  In this folder, users can keep specimens with a status of "On Workbench."

All users can move vials between Workbenches.

Empty Workbenches that belong to inactive users can be deleted. If an inactive user is reactivated and his or her Workbench has been deleted, a new Workbench will be created. If a user moves between repositories, the workbench in the original repository is not deleted. A new workbench is created in the new repository for that user.

Add Containers

Users can add containers and vials to their Workbench. They can drag and drop, cut and paste, and copy and paste containers.  

To add containers to the Workbench:

  1. In the Workbenches folder, select the folder with your username.
  2. Select the right mouse button option New Subcontainer or press the New Subcontainer button on the toolbar.Workbench New Subcontainer
    • If users want to use a saved configuration:
      1. Press the Saved Configuration button.  A selection dialog will open containing a list of all saved configurations available for that container type.
      2. Select the desired configuration from the list available.
      3. Press OK.  The label of the selected configurations will be listed on the New Container dialog.
    • If no configurations have been saved for the selected container type, "<No configurations saved>" will be displayed on the New Container dialog.

      Select the container type to be created by clicking the button next to the General Container Type field.New Container dialog

  3. Select Cancel to exit the dialog without saving any changes. Select OK to open the Location Editor for the selected container.
  4. Enter properties for the container and select Save from the File menu or press the Save button.
    • If any errors exist on the Locations Editor, the container will not be saved.  Resolve any errors before saving again.
    • Fields with errors will be shaded red and will be listed in an error table at the bottom of the Locations Editor.

Users can reserve locations in the Workbench through Reserve Locations.

Edit Containers

Users can change the size of their workbench using the Location Editor.

To edit the Workbench container type:

  1. In the Workbenches folder, select the folder with your username.
  2. Select the right mouse button option Edit or press the Edit Container Properties button on the toolbar.Edit Workbench
  3. In the Location Editor dialog, use the drop-down menu for Container Type to select either Workbench 100x100 or Workbench 10x10.
  4. Press the Save button or select Save from the File menu.