Viewing container contents


Viewing container contents

Container Display Panel

The container display panel shows properties and contents of the subcontainers contained within the location selected in the location tree in a table format. Users can also preview the properties and contents of the container.

  • A Box Layout tab is visible for containers with specimens. The Box Layout tab will not be displayed if more than one specimen is in a single location.
  • The Box Contents tab displays a table with the contents of the container. You can hide/show any sample or vial level field via the right mouse button. You can also save the arrangement of columns by right clicking the Box Contents tab and selecting Save Contents View.Container Display Panel

Container Layout Map

The container layout map will display a 2 dimensional representation of the container. This option is only available for containers that have been configured to hold specimens in the lkup_container_type code list.  In addition, the Layout Start Corner parameter must be set for the container for this option to be available. The Container Layout Map represents specimens in the container by displaying the BSI IDs or Current Labels of the specimens within the container.

If there is more than one specimen that has been assigned the same location within a container, the Container Layout Map cannot be displayed.  To view the BSI ID and Current Labels of specimens within that container, open the Container Contents tab.

To open the Container Layout Map from the Locations Editor or Locations Viewer:

  1. Check that the Layout Start Corner is set correctly.
  2. Select Container Layout Map from the View menu. The Container Layout Map will open in a new tab in the dialog.Container Layout Map

The data displayed in the cells on the map are controlled by the Data Displayed in Box Layout Cells option in the Locations preferences.

Once the Container Layout Map is opened in the editor, it can be printed. When printed, a PDF will be created with both a textual and barcode representation of the BSI ID in the user specified barcode format.

Container Contents

The Container Contents tab displays the BSI ID, Current Label, Row and Column in a table format.  This tab can always be displayed, regardless of the number of vials that have been assigned a single location within a container.

To view the Container Contents tab, select Container Contents from View menu in the Location Editor or Location Viewer.

Once the Container Contents tab is visible, it can be sorted as desired and printed.Container Contents

Printing Containers

To print container layout or content displays:

These reports print the contents displayed on the corresponding tab.

  1. In the Locations Manager, select the box from the location tree.
  2. Choose one of the following reports:
    • From the Box Contents tab, right-click on the tab and select Print Contents. The generated report contains all displayed columns & values of the of the box that is currently in view. 
    • From the Box Layout tab, right-click on the tab and select Print Layout to print the Container Layout Map. The generated report contains a layout map of the container, including all specimen data displayed in each slot.Location Print Layout
  3. If any rows are selected when users click Print Contents or Print Layout, a Print Source dialog appears. (If all rows or no rows are selected, the Print Source dialog will not be displayed; all rows will be printed.) Select Print All Rows or Print Selected Rows from the Print Source dialog. Select OK to continue. The Select Output Type dialog will appear.
  4. On the Select Output Type dialog, select one of the following output types:Select Output Type dialog
    • PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format)
    • TXT (comma-delimited text file)
    • TXT (tab-delimited text file)
    • HTML (for web browser)
  5. The contents of the container display are displayed in the chosen report output type.

To print container barcode layouts:

These reports print the box layout grid, displaying the BSI ID in barcode format and the current Label in text format.

  1. In the Locations Manager, select the box from the location tree.
  2. From the Box Layout tab, right-click on the tab and select Print Barcode Layout. This report contains a textual and barcode representation of the container's layout map. Print Barcode Layout Map
  3. Select the desired barcode format, then select OK.
  4. The barcode layout map is displayed in the output PDF file.

Generate Contents Report

The Container Content Report displays the Item Id, Parent Folder, ID, Name, Type, User Id, Date Created, and Date Last Modified for the particular container selected in .pdf form.

To Generate the Container Contents Report:

  1. Right-click on the desired container in the Location Tree and select Generate Contents Report...  The Container Contents Report will be produced in .pdf form.Generate Contents Report