Locations Filter

The Locations filter is located at the bottom left corner of the Locations manager.

The Locations filter box allows users to filter the search results according to the selection:

  • All - shows all of the locations and all of the user workbenches for the repository
  • My Favorites - shows the user's personal Workbench and any locations that have been added to My Favorites
  • Locations Groups - you can select Locations Groups you have created in order to only see the locations included in the selected group

Location Groups

Every user has a locations group called My Favorites.  Users can also create additional groups that can be selected in the Filter on the Locations Manager. The My Favorites group cannot be deleted.

To add locations to either an existing group or a new group:

  1. Navigate to the location(s)  to add in the Location Tree.

  2. Click on a single location or select multiple locations by clicking on the items while holding down the Ctrl key.

  3. Select Add to Locations Group from the right mouse button menu.Add to Locations Group

  4. Add to an existing group by clicking on the group and then clicking OK.  Add to a new group by clicking New..., entering a group name, clicking OK, selecting the new group name, and clicking OK.

To remove locations from a group:

  1. Select the location group in the Filter.

  2. Navigate to the location to be removed, right click on the location and select Remove From Locations Group.  There will not be a dialog prompting the user to confirm the location removal.Remove from Locations Group

To remove groups:

The My Favorites group cannot be removed.

  1. Click on the group in the Filter.

  2. Right click on the group.

  3. Click Remove Group.Remove Group

  4.  Click Yes to remove the group or click No to keep the group.