BSI User Interface


BSI User Interface

The main interface of the BSI system is a tabbed panel window. This is the first screen users see after logging onto the system. It gives various system information including a user's last log-in date, the client version, and other server information. The tabs provide quick access to managers from the main screen.Main Window panel

The starting tab of BSI is, by default, the Dashboard tab. This screen displays the most recent news items. These include information on upcoming system enhancements, as well as planned server down times. The news items are listed in reverse date order so that the most recent items appear first.

The BSI client uses a manager/editor paradigm to display system data and manipulate user input. This manager/editor interface is found throughout the BSI system. The manager is used to display information about a group of objects (e.g., reports or data entry batches), typically in some type of table. When the user selects an object for editing, an editor is launched in a separate window that allows the user to manipulate the object's specific properties, if the user has permission to do so.

The main BSI interface is a tabbed panel window consisting of a general system information page (either the Home tab or the Dashboard) and the open module manager tabs. The managers displayed at logon can be set in user preferences . Each manager is displayed on an individual tab, and multiple editor windows can be launched from a single manager. Once an editor is launched, the user can return to the main window at any time. The main window also has drop-down menus to access other managers and dialogs. Editors and dialogs, by default, open large enough to accommodate all content. They can be resized and, if a user resizes one, BSI will remember the new dimensions the next time the user opens the dialog from the same computer.

The BSI system utilizes a common search interface for building queries to the database. This search interface is used in many of the editors including data entry, reports, requisitions, and user administration. The search interface allows the user to quickly build a multiple line query statement to select records from the database. In searching the database, the BSI system allows the user access to as many fields as possible. This same search interface is also used to select (highlight) combinations of rows in and add specimens to many of the tables used throughout the system.

The menus provide a single point of access for all common functions for the managers in the Main window. They also allow access to utility screens and other tools.

File Menu

  • Print - Allows you to print all rows or only the selected rows. Sends the contents of the current manager to the Print viewer.
  • Exit - Ends the session and closes the program.
File Menu

View Menu

  • Hide/show fields - Opens the Select Fields for Display dialog listing fields for the current Manager tab selected.
  • Restore System View - The order of fields displayed in the current Manager tab selected is reset to the system view.
  • Restore User Default View - The order of fields displayed in the current Manager tab selected is reset to the user default view.
  • Save User Default View - The current order of fields displayed is saved as the default view for the user.
  • Save System Default View - The current order of fields displayed is saved as the default view for the client for the current Manager tab selected.
  • Filter - Several of the Managers have a filter set to display only certain data.  These menu options affect the Manager that is currently being viewed.
    • Restore system default filter - Changes the filter selections back to the default that came with the system.
    • Restore my default filter - Changes the filter selections back to the default that was set by the user.
    • Save as my default filter - Saves the currently displayed filter as the user's default filter.
  • Auto-size all columns - The columns in the current Manager tab selected are resized to fit the contents of the table.
  • Refresh - Refreshes the data in the manager.
  • Clear Cache and Refresh - Clears the current manager's cache before refreshing the view.
View Menu

Manager Menu

The Manager menu contains a list of available managers and an option to open a Select Managers dialog.  Currently displayed managers are listed with a check mark next to the name. To display a new manager, click on an item in this menu.  A new tab will appear in the main window for the manager selected.  To remove a manager from view, select the manager from the list.

Select the Managers option to open the Select Managers Dialog.  This dialog allows multiple managers to be displayed or hidden at one time.

Manager Menu

Tools Menu

  • User Profile - Opens a User Editor where information such as name, address and email for the current user can be edited. The user's password can be changed and other preferences can also be set. There is no Security Tab when a User Editor is opened from the Tools menu.
  • Configure - Opens a Configuration dialog where connection, IP label printing, web site and logon configuration settings can be edited.  Most of the time, these settings will not need to be changed. Changing these settings can affect the performance of BSI. To restore these settings to their default values, select the Restore Defaults button at the bottom of the dialog.
  • Quick Specimen Search - Quick Specimen Search is a new form-based search interface which allows users to quickly lookup specimen data.
  • Connection - A Connection Time Report dialog is shown that displays current connection statistics.
  • Reset Connection Stats - Resets the connection statistics for the current user.
  • Switch Repository - This option is available to users who have access to multiple repositories. When selected, a dialog will open, allowing the user to select which repository they would like to switch to. Once selected, BSI will refresh and the user will be logged into the selected repository.
Tools Menu

Help Menu

  • User's Guide - Displays the BSI User's Guide page most relevant to the current open manager tab.
  • BSI Home - Launches the user's Web browser to display the BSI home page.
  • Mail to Technical Support - Launches a message window that will be sent to the BSI technical support team.
  • About - Launches the About box with detailed program and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) information.
Help Menu