Requisition Property Templates


Requisition Property Templates

To create a Requisition Property Template:

  1. Select New. The New Requisition Property Template dialog will open.
  2. Fill in the fields:
    • Label - This field is required.
    • Description
    • Institution
    • Status – By default, the value will be “Draft”.
  3. Select OK. The user can then select which properties to display, which to hide, and enter default property values.
    • To display a property field, mark the checkbox next to it. Similarly, to hide a field from display to a user who selected this template, unmark the checkbox next to it.
    • Enter a default value for any property, even one which will be hidden, by manually entering a value or selecting from a codelist*.
    • Some properties may already have database default values set when the editor is opened. These can be edited or removed.
  4. Once finished, Save the template.requisition property templates

*Please note that the field for Repository on any Requisition Property Template is only applied as a default to Engage users who have no specimens in their cart when they submit a requisition.

To view or edit a Requisition Property Template:

  1. Select the template to view or edit on the manager screen.
  2. Press the View/Edit button.
  3. Select OK.
    • If editing, users can hide/display a property by selecting the checkbox next to it. Users can also enter default property values. Save when editing is finished.
    • Users may edit properties associated with the Property Template by selecting Edit, then Template Properties.
    • Any new property fields added via Customization after the creation of a Requisition Property Template will be hidden in the template by default.

To delete a Requisition Property Template:

Users may only delete Property Templates which have not been used while creating a requisition. After a template has been used, it can be deactivated via editing the Status property to have a value of “Inactive”.

  1. Select the template to delete on the manager screen.
  2. Press the Delete button. The Confirm dialog will open.
  3. Select Yes to confirm and delete the template or No to cancel and exit the dialog without deleting the template.

To activate a Requisition Property Template:

  1. Select a template to be activated on the manager screen. The status of the template cannot already be Active.
  2. Press the Activate button. The template will be activated.

Requisition Property Template Display Order


The Display Order button from the Requisition manager, allows users with Access Requisition Property Template Manager and Create/Edit Requisition Template Manager permissions to assign a specific order to the available requisition property templates.

Display order is not editable within the Requisition Property Template properties dialog and is shown as blank for RPTs with a Status of Draft.

Once a requisition property template has been made active, the display order will become editable within the Specify Order dialog.

To add or update the Requisition Property Template Display Order:

  1. Press the Display Order button located in the Requisition manager.
  2. Display Order button opens a Specify Order dialog with:
    • OK and Cancel buttons (If there are errors with one or more Display Order columns, the OK button will be grayed out)
    • A table with columns for
      • Template ID – not editable
      • Label – not editable
      • Display Order – editable
  3. After Display Order has been set, pressing the New button in the Requisitions manager will show the display order placement of the existing active Requisition Property Templates.

Requisition_property_template_specify_order_dialog.pngErrors will occur if the display order value is not an integer, if there is a gap in numbering, or if it is a duplicated value.

Additional Requisition Property Templates added after Display Order has been previously set for active Requisition Property Templates do not require a specified Display Order and will be shown after the Display Order list.


No Template, displaying all requisition properties, will be displayed last.

If a requisition property template is changed from Active to Draft, it is no longer listed in the Display Order Specify Order dialog box and it no longer keeps its display order placement. Other Requisition Property Templates will keep their order placement but can be renumbered within the Specify Order dialog. Once it is reactivated, its Display Order placement will need to be reset.Requisition_property_template_selection_dialog.png

Display Order functionality needs to be created within the BSI Client but will appear in the BSI Client and Engage.