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Feature Focus: Select Rows

By Michelle Steahl posted 10-03-2022 11:17


BSI users often manage a high throughput of specimen records in the BSI Client. In a table containing many records, it’s helpful to have a tool that allows you to easily select a subset of those records for editing or processing.

The Select Rows tool provides standard selection options in BSI Client editors and dialogs that contain a table of records including Incoming Shipments, Data Entry Batches, Requisitions, and the Interactive Table report output. Among these selection options are Select by Search, Select First or Random and Select Random Percentage.

The Select by Search option allows users to build a search statement to select specific records.  For example, this option is useful for assigning storage locations when inventorying a large multi-material type shipment where varying storage conditions are required.  The option opens the standard search dialog where you can enter search criteria for and then assign storage locations to only selected specimen records.

The Select First or Random option is helpful when you only need one record from a group.  Let’s say you need to process one buccal cell specimen from each subject in collection “A”.  Create a report and search for available specimens that meet these criteria. Output the search results in an Interactive table. Then use the Select First or Random option to choose one specimen from each subject in the search results. The selected specimens can then be added to a requisition for processing.

The Select Random Percentage option allows you to requisition a random set of specimen records for a quality check.  Simply, move the slide to select the percentage of specimens required and BSI will select the specimen records at random.

The Select Rows tool is one of many BSI features that helps you manage large collections. For more information on these and other Select Rows options see the BSI Users Guide. Check out example step-by-step workflows on the options here.