Michelle Steahl

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I am originally from Lakenheath, England, though I purposely lost my accent long ago to fit in better with cooler elementary school classmates. I attended Saint Mary’s College of Maryland, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English, and collected academic minors like they were classic cars. None of these minors amounted to a second degree, but through the course of them I read Buddhist sutras, held ethical debates, designed and installed public art projects, and mathematically proved that two plus two actually equals five, which I thinks makes them well worth mentioning. I am an aspiring author who relishes every chance to learn about and explore the world.

My favorite module of BSI is Locations. I am a visual learner and love being able to equate a specimen with a real physical location. I occasionally wonder what the Locations module would look like in database for fictional scientists; would Dr. Jekyll have his own freezers or would he share them with Mr. Hyde?