Notification Groups

Notification Groups

Notification groups are used to easily send a notification to several project members at one time. These groups can also be used to assign an issue to an entire group of users.For example, an issue could be assigned to a group of quality assurance users for testing, then whichever team member has time to complete the task first can begin testing it.

The only place to see who is a member of a group is on the editing screen for that group. Click Admin > Notification Groups to access the Notification Groups screen. Click on a group from the list. It opens the group in the editing mode.


Adding groups

  1. From the Notification Groups page, click on Create a New Group to add a notification group.
  2. Enter a name for the group.
  3. Select the members you would like to include in the group from the dropdown list.
  4. Click Create Group.

Editing groups

You can view the members of a group and edit the group by clicking the group name on the Notification Groups screen. Make changes to the name by typing in the Name field. Add project members to the Members field to add them to the group, or click the X next to porject members' names to remove them from the group. Click Update Group to save the changes.

Deleting groups

Delete groups by opening the Notification Groups screen, then click on the group you want to remove. The editing screen will open and you can select the Delete Group button. Then click Delete Group on the page to confirm. Click Cancel to not delete the groups.