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The BSI Dashboard, Part II

By Archive User posted 05-15-2015 07:15


In the last BSI Feature Focus on the BSI Dashboard, we explored how this new module can give users an instant overview of their work by providing them with customizable widgets displaying a dynamic range of workflow elements. Today we are going to take a closer look at some of these widgets in order to highlight how each one can help users save time, stay organized, and maximize workflow efficiency.

All users will have access to the Widget Library where they can select, configure, name and add widgets to their own, personal Dashboard. These widgets can be removed at any time, and many can even be reconfigured right from the Dashboard itself. Each user will have the ability to edit and organize their own Dashboard structure, and the Dashboard will maintain that structure across sessions until the user makes deliberate changes.

Within the Widget Library, widgets are grouped together by related functionality. The first of these groups, the Assign To widgets, is designed to provide users with an overview of the work they need to complete. Each Assign To widget corresponds to a different BSI manager where batches can be assigned to users. These widgets not only display a list of assigned batches, but can also be user formatted to display multiple field values associated with each batch. For example, users can elect to display fields such as the Batch ID, Status, Study ID, and Batch Owner, so that a range of information about each batch is available at a glance. Furthermore, each Batch ID listed in these widgets links to the batch itself, providing users with an expedited way to not only look over assigned work, but to then immediately open and complete that work at the click of a button. As batches are updated and completed, the Assign To widgets can be refreshed to reflect those changes, giving users visual feedback on the progress being made.

Check back next week to explore some of the other widget groups, identifying the additional methods that can be utilized from the Dashboard to enhance the user experience of the BSI system.