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By Archive User posted 03-10-2017 07:04


BSI provides many options allowing the user to customize their experience and tailor it to their needs and preferences. One such example of this is the Notifications Preferences BSI has. This feature allows the user to change preset notification options and remove them all together if needed.

To locate where the Notification Preferences are a user can go to:

  1. Tools
  2. User Profile
  3. Select the Preferences Tab
  4. Notifications under User Preferences table

This dialog will open up:

Notification preferences

Through this dialog users can determine which of the listed functions they do or not need notifications for. Those fields which are set to ‘True/Yes’ will prompt a notification where as those which are set to ‘False/No’ will not. It is recommended that ‘Change Password Events’ and ‘Password Reset’ always be set to ‘True/Yes’ to prevent users from having difficulty when trying to log into the client.

Notifications in BSI show up in different forms; either as emails, message bubbles that appear at the bottom right side of the screen, a temporary message in the messages manager or as a dialog notifying the successful completion of an action.

Below are examples of what these notifications look like in BSI (with the exception of email notifications).

A message bubble that appears at the bottom right side of the screen such as this one which shows up when “Data Entry Commits” are set to ‘True/Yes’ and when “Sample Reservations Commits” are set to ‘True/Yes’.

Messages manager

The message(s) that appear in the bottom right of the screen as seen in the previous pictured will also be available for viewing in the Messages manager temporarily. The message(s) will not be available to view after logging out of the client.

This is what a notification that appears as a dialog will look like. This example is for successfully transferring vials within BSI when the ‘”Location Vial Transfers” notification preference is set to ‘True/Yes’.

The notifications preferences available in the User Editor can be tailored to meet a user’s needs. This feature allows our users to be able to be notified for actions they may be interested in, while allowing them flexibility to turn notifications off for actions they are not interested in receiving notifications for.