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Find/Create Subjects tools

By Archive User posted 07-24-2015 09:38


     One of the challenges faced by any specimen processing facility is associating various types of related data in a manner such that these relationships can be queried. For facilities that store subject data, it can be difficult to track and organize the data associations between these subjects and the individual sample and specimen records that the facility receives and processes. BSI aims to simplify this with the ‘Find Subject IDs’ and ‘Create/Edit Subject’ tools.

     Available in any batch editor in BSI, the Find/Create Subject tools allow users to quickly and easily perform a number of actions at once. First, users can search the system for existing subject records, then they can either link any matching subjects to in-batch specimens, or they can create new subject records. When initially receiving the specimens or manifest in a Shipment batch, or committing specimen records in a Data Entry batch, all a user needs to do is assign a Study ID and/or a Subject ID to specimens in the batch and the Find/Create Subjects tools will become active and available for use.

     If a user suspects a Subject ID already exists in the system, but is unsure what it is, the ‘Find Subject ID’ tool is an excellent resource. Clicking on this tool will produce a dialog that provides the user with the option to search on any field or fields that exist for the listed Study. When the user inputs data into any of the available fields and clicks ‘Report’, subject records matching that field value or combination of field values are returned. Users can then select the correct subject listing which automatically populates the Subject ID field in the batch editor (if it wasn’t previously entered).

     Alternately, if the user knows the subject does not already exist in the database, they can fill in the Study ID and Subject ID and choose the activated ‘Create/Edit Subject’ tool. The system will use the input data to determine if a subject with the specified ID already exists in the system. If it does, the system will generate the existing subject editor and the user can make any necessary changes. If the subject does not exist, the system will generate a new subject behind the scenes and provide the user with the standard Subject editor for the study, allowing users to fill in any necessary subject information.

     The Create and Find subject tools are a great way to increase efficiency in the data entry process. Instead of needing to navigate to the Subjects manager, locate the desired subject in order to fill Subject ID information into the batch, or create a new subject all together, all of this can be done right from a batch editor. Even if little information is known about the subject, these tools make it easy to find the subjects you need, and associate them with each and every specimen record in your batch. Check them out next time you create a Shipment or Data Entry batch!