BSI User Support Site

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By Miriam Goldfarb posted 09-25-2018 10:20


BSI offers exceptional customer service in the form of live software support and by offering a comprehensive BSI User's Guide. The User Support site, which includes the BSI User’s guide, is an online resource center dedicated to helping users find information about BSI. It contains informational pages, instructional videos, and a glossary of BSI terminology. In addition, every BSI database can have its own community forum which limits access to select members.

getting started.pngThe User’s Guide is an ever-expanding software support site with a nicely organized landing page. The landing page is divided into several broad categories and their associated subcategories. Each subcategory is linked to the most pertinent informational page and from there, users can navigate to other pages of interest.

Most categories on the landing page have links to overviews of BSI managers such as Data Entry, Requisitions, and Locations. When a user selects a link, they are taken to a page that typically contains general information, definitions, and a video demonstration. There is also a category called ‘Web Interfaces,’ where users can find links BSI Video Demonstrations.pngto other BSI access options such web services and BSI Engage

In order to access specific areas of the support site such as a Community page, users must have a User’s Guide account. Obtaining an account is simple - users simply need to submit a request from the User’s Guide site and a BSI support representative will associate the account with the correct community. Once the account is established, users can navigate to their community page, post questions to the group, or ask for input from a BSI support representative. Having a User’s Guide account also offers users the ability to bookmark pages, earn badges, and set up favorites. With favorites, users can set up an email schedule in order to receive timely notifications of new blog articles, community posts, and BSI releases.

BSI support community.pngAccessing the BSI User’s Guide couldn’t be easier. Users who are logged into BSI can select the User’s Guide link from the help menu item in the client and users who are logged into Engage can click the Help link located at the top of the site. Users who are not logged into the client or Engage, can simply choose any browser and search for ‘BSI User’s Guide.’ Given the ease of access and amount of helpful information in the User’s Guide, it’s no surprise that BSI is a leading biospecimen software.