BSI User Group Meeting 2019

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By Miriam Goldfarb posted 10-25-2018 09:27


BSI-USER_web-banner-SM.pngGeneral Conference users.jpgIn April 2017, BSI hosted a User Group Meeting which was designed to introduce new users to BSI topics, acquaint seasoned users with additional functionality, and give all users a forum for networking. This was accomplished with two busy days of workshops, sessions, and informal meetings intermingled with socializing among BSI representatives and the BSI community at large.

In addition to sessions about BSI managers such as Locations, Templates, and Results, conference attendees learned about other interesting topics such as BSI Connect, Data Warehouse, and the future of BSI. A really popular aspect of the conference was that users could schedule one-on-one meetings with BSI representatives. During these meetings, users could discuss questions about their workflow or receive demonstrations of BSI functionality.

Another highlight of the conference was the inclusion of guest speakers. Each speaker discussed a BSI topic that their organization has a unique experience with. Some speakers gave personal accounts of how BSI fits their workflow and data collection needs. Other speakers talked about a specific BSI manager. Given the approximately 30 available sessions of guest speakers and other agenda topics, conference goers could plan their days by areas of interest.

Generic laptop user.jpgOf course, what would a great conference be without wonderful dining experiences? Conference attendees were able to select from a variety of meal items that catered to most dietary preferences. There was even a networking reception after the first day’s events so that all BSI presenters and attendees could unwind in a relaxed setting while nibbling on culinary delights.

In the fall of 2019, BSI plans to host another conference of similar magnitude. The event will take place in the DC/Baltimore region and a survey is currently available for users to submit their topic preferences and interest in attending. Users can find the survey announcement on the homepage of the User’s Guide or by selecting this link.